Jan 092019

Kate you are gorgeous !CE620EA2-DE0C-419B-9AE0-D37E5D4EB224 78269BD1-7CE5-4368-93C9-F7C874D8A429

  7 Responses to “Beautiful Kate x”

  1. That cover is so tempting for a cum session simply beautiful and erotic.

  2. Had that one nice and thick, you got her good

  3. Thats a huge load!! Makes sense though. Thats a beautiful cover with Kate!

  4. Such a huge, delicious looking load all over Kate’s sexy Vogue cover! I would absolutely LOVE to lick her pretty face clean!

  5. Question. How long does a Vogue magazine last for you?
    Do you clean them up and reuse them or trash them ?

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