Realised I have two issues of this magazine, so thought I’d have my way with one of them !E18DA0D6-EEDB-4BD8-9D20-00C36AA5F907 F1CD2F3A-870E-4072-BBDD-72761188294B 9A4C85A8-008C-47DA-81D1-2AB4C7405B93 2008BB59-EC47-4799-B2E4-1B15081A4F2F 05EEC136-7192-4D06-A88C-56EF114C57F3 DCA31897-D2D4-4BED-8EBE-54333BABAED7

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  1. Mmm fuck, it looks like you had a good time with Mila’s sexy Cosmo mag! I loved that shoot so much, and have been cumming on the cover a ton myself. I wish I bought a second copy so I could fuck one.

  2. fuck, nice. love that first pic where you can how deep your cock was and where you spunked on her. I like to buy two copies of hot mags, keep one nice and turn the other into a crusty, cum brick.

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