Nov 222018

Realised I have two issues of this magazine, so thought I’d have my way with one of them !E18DA0D6-EEDB-4BD8-9D20-00C36AA5F907 F1CD2F3A-870E-4072-BBDD-72761188294B 9A4C85A8-008C-47DA-81D1-2AB4C7405B93 2008BB59-EC47-4799-B2E4-1B15081A4F2F 05EEC136-7192-4D06-A88C-56EF114C57F3 DCA31897-D2D4-4BED-8EBE-54333BABAED7

  6 Responses to “Cosmopolitan girlfriend”

  1. I would totally destroy a second copy of a mag, if I had one!

  2. Mmm fuck, it looks like you had a good time with Mila’s sexy Cosmo mag! I loved that shoot so much, and have been cumming on the cover a ton myself. I wish I bought a second copy so I could fuck one.

  3. I know I have a copy of this issue somewhere! Im going to have to pay my respects to Mila as well!

  4. Wow! That’s so hot

  5. fuck, nice. love that first pic where you can how deep your cock was and where you spunked on her. I like to buy two copies of hot mags, keep one nice and turn the other into a crusty, cum brick.

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