Its a constant battle when I jerk off. Are the covers hotter, or is the spread hotter? Im always trying to figure that out.

Magazine closed and cover showing, I love holding multiple issues and getting the feeling of it all as I jerk off. They are easy to toss around and smell with little risk of damaging them.

Open to the spreads I can still hold them, but the pages are at risk of tearing. But the smells are so much stronger.

What does everyone prefer?

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  1. Since I always wear a protective respirator mask while holding my magazines, I protect myself against the smells and scents of perfume and ink. It makes me wild to breathe this way…and keeps my allergies from ruining my day.

    The covers are nice but the pages inside feel so smooth and glossy, especially like, Cosmo and InStyle, that really soft thin slick paper.

    Sometimes I take my mask off and feel it on my face and it makes me go crazy

  2. I love the perfume smells of the new issues. The cover is a grabber for me.most of the time, if I see it before I get it, the thought drives me hot to get it. I think of whatโ€™s going to happen with the mag and me. If a cover is particularly hot, that will be first. Otherwise I will take my time playing inside the covers

    1. Overvogue,

      The perfume smell is addictive. It can make me ill but I still sometimes try to breathe it in through the filters of my mask (then replace them lol).

      I will say that the feel of the paper is extremely important to me, like, I don’t enjoy the kind of paper People is made out of (I only like to cum on it and wipe it up), or Women’s Health (the pictures are lovely and hot but the pages are too rough). ELLE, Vogue, those have been the best so far, and Cosmopolitan, which just destroys me (I have no idea what it is but even without the pictures it makes me wild inside).

  3. Both options.
    Sometimes it’s very hard to choose. Specially if all are hot.
    I prefeer cum on the cover, cause the paper is stronger and heavier, it can support more loads of cum and don’t screw up. But if I don’t resist, I cum in the page open when it’s coming.

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