I’m looking for recommendations for good European magazines. I’m a bit bored of US/British/Australian magazines. I got an issue of Vogue Spain recently and I loved it.

What else do you guys love? For me, glossiness and smell are very important.


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  1. Hey, Paris Vogue can be a very hot mag, and accessible for us Aussies. Vogue Italia is rarer and I have only very limited experience with it. Tell us what you end up checking out. Do you still give it up for UK Grazia occasionally?

  2. I love Vogue and Elle Italia – especially their September and October issues, which are very thick, with perfumed ads.
    Sometimes I spice-up my magazine sessions with top-shelve, luxurious issues of Love, Pop, AnotherMagazine, Dansk, Numero, etc.
    These are all of big format, super glossy, with thick pages of high quality paper. They feel very heavy and cool on my body, and a perfect mix with main stream, “softer” mags like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and others.

    1. Oh yes I’m with you, really love Italian Elle and Marieclaire also would crave to get some French Elle magazines, I think they are weekly publications.

  3. To all those who recommended Italian Cosmopolitan – thank you. So glossy and smells amazing. Got the January edition with Hayley Steenfield on the cover. Looking forward to spending some time with her tonight

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