Oct 282021

Hello everyone,
I am happy to finally be apart of the community. I have been a long time fan of the site, but never felt comfortable enough to get involved and share. Times have changed and I’m ready to share. So here it goes…
My first memory of a desire for magazines was when I was around 11 years old. My mother had a small stack of InStyle magazine in a magazine basket and when nobody was in the room I would flip through the pages and get hard as a rock. Then, after some time, I started stealing the lingerie catalogs coming in the mail (RIP Victoria Secret Catalogs, you’ll be forever missed). Once the Marie Claire magazine subscription started arriving I knew that I was addicted.
I went some time with no magazines, for I was embarrassed to buy them from the store. My only fix was the occasional find in the mail. Eventually, while in college, I sparked the courage to buy my first magazine. I chose an issue of Marie Claire with Kate Hudson on the cover and my heart was pounding as I paid at the register. Something that nervousness got me so worked up; needless to say that magazine did not last long.
Over the years I have gotten a hold of my magazines in a few different ways. There’s the obvious “buy it from the store” way, but I’ve also had a few magazine and catalog subscriptions. Another way I enjoy getting older issues of magazines is through used goods sites (i.e. Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.). Something about the idea of a woman reading the magazine and flipping through the pages before it gets to me turns me on even more. My personal favorites are Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, and W Magazine, among many others. I really enjoy the British editions of Vogue and Bazaar and I tend to get them the most.
I’ve had dozens upon dozens (if not hundreds) of magazines over the years. Unfortunately I can’t keep the magazine collection growing past a certain size (nor can I resist blowing my load on them). So here is my current collection. The last one is of my current favorites (I just got Zendaya’s British Vogue today and I can’t wait to break it in!).

  13 Responses to “Hello Everyone!”

  1. Welcome! Very stylish collection indeed including my recent favourites like Vogue with Zendaya and another with Gemma Chan. Love to have you here❣️

  2. Hi there! nice collection. I also have that Dua Lipa issue. Im kind of collecting magazine with Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. I have most of the Dua Lipa ELLEs of various countries. And Many Lady Gaga issues like Instyle,Vogue and Elle.

    And most of all! Hi and welcome!.

  3. Welcome 🙂 I think most people here can see some of themselves in your story.
    I hope you will find the support and will share more of this wonderfull fetich we all have.

    Once again Welcome 🙂

  4. a truly beautiful collection, and I completely understand the problem limiting the size of the collection, but I tend to keep the ones I have cum on anyway, at least for a while

  5. good story thx for sharing !

  6. Gorgeous collection of glossies, I remember the Marie Claire Fashion magazine, I couldn’t stop buying that gorgeous UK magazine when it was so thick and smelt so fem and felt so smooth and glossy.

  7. Very tasteful collection. Thanks for posting : )