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  1. Welcome! 🙂

    It really depends, because i love having all the different issues rather than just having many copies of one, but i guess it’s all up to what you think is worth it

  2. Never save money on a fucking magazine I sometimes buy 4 or 5 copies to suck their faces or their tits ——->what else you be doing on this planet?
    You think you are coming back…as a magazine may be – just go and buy as many as you can fuck and enjoy it! How many men spent thousends on whores?????

  3. Definitely buy as many issues as you can afford. If you’re asking the question, you will regret not buy as many as you can. I admittedly went totally nuts one night years ago for a issue of COSMO and could not stop buying them. It was like I was in a trance and ended up with over 220 issues I bought over one night largely at convenience stores – armfuls each time! My car was full of all those lovely Cosmo’s and that practice continued (not that many each time though) for years. Sadly Aussie Cosmo stopped publishing back in 2018 totally devastating me, but luckily I have a huge collection of COSMO’s.

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