Hi, I’ve been apart of magazine fetish for a while now but, I haven’t really introduced myself.

You can just refer to me as mag lover.

Here is my story:

I’ve loved magazines since I was about 12 years old. I used to steal my mom’s fashion magazines and secretly jerk off to them in the bathroom. I always put them back where she left them so she didn’t find out. If she found out I would be so embarrassed. Anyways, I love the feel of the glossy magazine paper (especially Harper Bazaar). I secretly get my magazines from a website that sends you free fashion mags (if you want to know it it’s RewardSurvey.com). I like mags like Instyle, Como, Marie Claire, Hola, and some people mags. I also have a fetish that sort of ties into my love for glossies. I also have a latex fetish. It just turns me on when I see that shiny material skin tight on a women. I don’t know maybe I’m getting a little off topic. To continue, I’ve been growing my collection for a few years now. Thanks for making this website and I hope everyone has fun with their mags!

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  1. I share the same fetish, I like especially the spanish Hola as it paper quality make it perfect to stick to your skin, to ware it under your cloths – & fuck it lying down until your penis can penetrate the front page….

  2. Hi there! Well your story is not far away form mine. I also started to steal my moms magazines. There was nothing better than lock my self in my room and look thru my moms fashinon glossies and masturbate. It became more dificult to protect her magazines when I begun produce semen. I got careless sometimes and stained them Often she did not bother, but if it was a new magazine she got mad. Later when I had growned and had moved to my own apartment she brought her used mags to me every time she was over. Nowadays when I look back im glad she did.

  3. I am in the same boat. I also started with my mom’s magazines. Cosmo.glamour,mademoiselle,good housekeeping, ladies home journal. Loved the thrill and maybe the taboo of it..

  4. I also used to take my mom and older sister’s fashion magazines as a kid, which is how I got hooked on women’s fashion mags, as they (along with the Victoria’s Secret catalogs) were the only thing I had to masturbate to as a kid. Even once I had easy access to porn, I still greatly preferred this magazines!

  5. I found an old Victoria’s Secret catalog and would easily get aroused just by looking at the beautiful women in their bikinis and bras. I had a whole collection of Victoria’s Secret catalogs and teen magazines. Then when Selena Gomez what’s on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine that’s when I got hooked up with getting Cosmo. I made a rule that anytime Selena Gomez was on a magazine I would have to get it

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