Today I’d like to share something quite original with you.
I also like newspapers but I never really found the one who can turn me on.
I used to have an issue of Vogue Newspaper that was offer with the magazine, but it was very slim and it was just an extra… Nothing really interesting.

And finally, one of my fantasy came true two monthes ago!
One of a french fashion magazine, name Jalouse, decided for one month to decline their March issue into a newspaper format!
The thing is, it was not printed that much, and it was so hard to find a place to buy it… After 4 or 5 newsstands shops without success, I finally found it!
It was thick enough and also large like I love it.
About the content, it is not the best we could find, but this new format and the fact that it was a newspaper only for women really turned me on!

Unfortunately, they just did it for one month… I hope other magazines will do the same.

For Information, most of you might never heard of Jalouse. But it belongs to Jalou Edition, which is the owner of the magazine L’Officiel, that many of you might know.

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      1. Unfortunately newspapers have always been a big turn-off for me; I am repelled by their format in general, can’t stand their crinkle noises while being read, and their smell is really disgusting for me.
        Add to that a woman reading them… It’s a vision (or even a thought) I will avoid any time – sorry.

          1. Hooo I see! Well at least don’t worry, I can’t post more about it, as it is the only one I could find in my life since I was born hahahaaa!
            So My next posts will be more glossie’s oriented 😉

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