Jan 012021

Hail to all Magazine friends! I hope you guys had a great finish of the 2020!

The first day of the year. I am going to give a tibrute to the magazine Hennes.  It was a wonderful magazine with alot of wankable ads and models. This issue featuring my all time crush Carolina Gynning and Mini Sandén. I have sprayed my cum many times to this issue.

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  3 Responses to “In bed with Hennes”

  1. I remember that magazine 🙂 To bad they couldnt keep thaire readers

  2. Mini Anden you mean? 🙂 She did not change her last name or?

  3. Ellecult, you are right, my mistake. Mini Andén is her name. I had Molly Sandén in my mind at the moment. My bad.

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