Nov 082019

Strange as you get older you find older women fuckable.
Other day I’m the newsagents she dared me, just dared me. This was my second shot first one was on the cover.




  11 Responses to “Joan Collins, would you??”

  1. I would, and I came all over that same magazine myself last week haha.

  2. Yes, cum over that too but then ok and hello are some of my favourite places to cum. Get them most weeks along with any other weekly women’s mags with good covers x

  3. I totally understand, I grew up in the 80:s and masturbated to Joan Collins a lot and she is still hot i think. You did a great job!

    by the way, Im probably the only man in the world who still masturbates to Donatella Versace!

  4. Seems I’m one of the few that still get off on the weekly women’s magazines more than the thick monthly ones….

    • No Jackie, me to I prefer Hello, Ok en especially spanish Hola, Gala, Grazia. The glued very thick are not the hottest for me as i like wear them under my cloths I prefer larger sizes covering my front body as much as possible

    • me too prefet womens weekly´s 🙂 I have long wanted to get an OK! i think it size and look is sooo hot 🙂 To see a woman reading OK! get get me horney very quick .

  5. I do like older women.. But women of any age that are sexy works for me..

  6. I’m liking a bit of Helen Mirren and Shirley Ballas these days too. Any others to suggest??

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