I’ve been meaning to dress for a while and get some of my magazine collection out. I’m currently sat laid with my magazines and in front of me stands a magnificent cock that I’m going to ride whilst flicking through and pressing some lovely glossy magazines against my PVC cladded skin 😍

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    1. I know the pain, some of these magazines I’ve had for years but my collection is getting very big and the idea of them sitting there not being played with makes me sad.
      Unfortunately our fetish is coming to an end, just the past couple years alone has been a magazine blood bath

  1. Thank you, you beautiful people. It was an incredibly horny evening.
    The more! Magazine on my lap is the first glossy I ever played with back at the turn of the millennium.
    I stayed at my best friends house on new years night and stayed in the spare room where his sisters German exchange student was staying the night before.
    In the morning I looked under the bed and there the magazine was, opened on the 5 minute fiction page… from that moment my life changed. Later that day, I put the magazine under my t shirt and secured it on my boxers waist band and walked home with a very good friend of mine, she was also a more! reader too and it just felt amazing knowing when I get home, I will uninterrupted fun with the magazine.
    20 years later, I found the same issue on ebay, nothing was going to stop me winning that issue xx

    1. More! is a delight – there’s a specific one from about 1994 that would make me be the first person to put sperm into orbit if I ever found it again…

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