Ok, so I know these aren’t thick. But what magazines are these days. ??
I’m not showing the inside. But trust me I might need another copy already. Jenna will show you no mercy. Make sure you have “saved ” yourself for a few days.
The cover alone? Just makes my cock sing loudly as I was in Sainsbury’s this morning.
Jenna was saying to me. “Are you really going to buy Elle or Cosmo over me?” I gasped as I layed eyes on her. I deliberately put my shopping through a cashier who said ” she’s lovely ” . My cock has twice burst its banks. I managed to stay hard for the second round.

Apart from buying past magazine issues on Ebay. It’s a long time since a current magazine has given me the same urge. TATLER. I salute you.

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  1. LOVE Tatler. Just subscribed to it so hopefully will get this issue soon. Very high gloss, silky paper with distinctive aroma. And I just love my upper class tarts

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