Mar 122019

Does anyone else on here enjoy destroying their magazines as well as fucking them?

I have a huge dilemma and I want someone to help me!

I am craving a rough session with one of my favourite magazines and I need someone to choose one for me from a selection!

Whichever magazine is chosen will ultimately be destroyed but boy will it be fun.

Any takers?

  6 Responses to “Magazine playtime”

  1. You will need to take the most popular vote! Can you show us the covers and giive us the page count for each?

  2. Lets see the choices…..

  3. The latest “Brides” you have posted

  4. I’ve always loved UK Brides magazines and as much as I hate to see them destroyed, for me that would be the biggest turn on

  5. I enjoy destroying fashion magazines too. So mess up some of your best magazines and
    show us some photos. If you have some thick Vogue magazines, like March or September
    that would be great !

  6. Yes, I enjoy fucking up magazines in all sorts of ways, often sending them to custom video THOTs for loving to death. I am into porn mags though over glamour mags, so I don’t pollute this fine site with my kind of muck, I just lurk for occasional treats.

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