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    OMG! This is such an amazing site! I’ve had this fetish for years, and have always been curious about how many other people are into it, and what their particular fetish is like. I just picked up the latest copy of Cosmo from the supermarket. – There was a really cute, young blonde girl in the checkout line behind me, and I know she saw it. I got little tingles of delight from that. Looking forward to spending some quality time with my new mag tonight!

    • I know exactly what you mean! I love the looks I get from other customers and the girls running the checkout counters when I’m buying Cosmo!

      • One time after I bought a Cosmo I happened on some teenaged girls selling cookies at a table on the sidewalk. I put the Cosmo on the table while I got my wallet out, so they could all see it. Very satisfying!

        • I’ve got a few favorite memories. One time I was buying an issue of cosmo with Carrie Underwood on the cover, and the girl at the checkout counter asked if it was for me. I was a little nervous, so I said “It’s for my wife, buuut I like to flip through them myself!” she said “you don’t strike me as the Cosmo kind of guy.” So I asked her which one I did strike her as, and she said “maybe more of a Vogue.” And so I said “Oh should I grab that one too?” and proceeded to grab a copy off the rack next to us. I was so hard, I could barely wait til I got home to jack off to my new magazines!

          Another time, I was at a Barnes and Noble buying a Cosmo with Katy Perry on the cover and another magazine with a hot model or celeb on the cover, and the checkout girl said “hmmm… pretty girls” while looking over my purchases. I just replied “yep” because I was too turned on to say anything else. Then when I was leaving she said something like “I hope you enjoy them!” and winked at me. I almost came in my pants knowing that she was 100% acknowledging what I was going home to do with those sexy magazines!

          Another time, I was leaving the grocery store after having bought a Cosmo mag. I made sure to put it with the cover facing out clearly in my transparent bag so all could see. When I was in the parking lot walking to my car, there was a car full of hot college girls that stopped to let me walk past. Since my Cosmo was so prominently on display, I saw the one who was driving point it out to all of her friends in the car and they laughed as I was walking past. Again, I almost came in my pants right then and there.

    • Nice like you – I have a subscription in a shop with all girls – then I send them notes about the issues I want them to keep for me…

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