• I powder ,u cpcl amd wra[ COSMO around it and stroke until orgasm. COSMO is great for sex!!

    • This was outdoors in the bush during winter, so it was cold. The oil and lotion on me kept the body heat in a little. Oh I forgot, I poured a LOT of Johnson’s baby shampoo all over me too – it’s delicious on the body!

    • I was covered with Johnson’s baby oil, lotion and baby shampoo here – it was divine! I had to drive home with it still all over my body and my clothes sticking to me – it was pretty wild! Prior to orgasming, I was around the bush naked often as far away from my clothes as I dare wondering if I will be caught.

    • How long do a Cosmo session lasts? your cock looks so nice lubed up with lotion. I bet it smells gorgeous? What Lotion do you use? NIVEA?

    • I Love this! When I lube my cock I use Lancome Anti Wrinkle cream. I feel so Womanised using it.

    • Looks like you are ready to cum?

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