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    I first new I liked glossy magazines when I was about 15 and stayed with family at the beach. My much older sister-in-law would be sunbathing topless then fall asleep with a vogue magazine on her bare breasts. They where only small but with large erect nipples.
    I shared a bed room with her and she had the top bunk and I could hear her turning the pages of her magazines. God I would lay there so stiff not daring to touch myself.
    Then one I had to go back to the villa to use the bathroom then into our room for some money and there where her glossy magazines.
    All on my own I started looking through them at the hot models till I came across a photo of a really pretty blonde and notice stains on the magazine and realised it was the suntan oil off her nipples that had made the marks. The smell of the oil and magazine and the fact it had been on her erect nipples was too much. I rubbed the magazine on my bare nipples and wanked my cock rubbing my tight balls on another magazine on the low table. It was incredibly satisfying pumping my hot young cum all the magazine.
    After that I would used any excuse to go back to use her magazines, as she took them on the beach and when she bathed I don’t think she notice the cum stains i’d wiped off with the other dried water marks.

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