Now. All i can say is that my sister is the sweetest thing you ever can imagine. I got the BEST birthday persent ever. After a family meeting on my birthday at my place, my sister stayed a bit longer than all others. When she was prepare to leave my place she handed over a special present for me to open after she had gone. I never thought that it would be best thing i got that evening. When i sat down and open it up I got a shock!. It was her old GLOSSY mags!! I flip the pages and notice all the sexy and gorgeous make up girls with ther pretty nails and eye lashes. I started to masturbate. And i tell you, i came soo hard to the mags.

Later that evening i got a text message from sis and she wrote ” I hope the girls is ok for you and that you have a good time with the Glossy mags… Love from Sister.

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  1. Let me put it tihs way. My sister knows that I like womens magazines. When I grew up with her I always stole her magazines and she found them under my bed. Yelling at me about stop stealing her magazines. Sometimes she also discovered my moms magazines as well under my bed. She couldnt understand why i choose to read these magazines..Well I wasnt READING them!!! i was looking at girls and masturbating..
    When she grew older she clearly understand my purpose i suppose. When i was moving out and got my first real place of my own. I invited her over for a coffee. She notice some mags on my bedroom floor. We then talked about it and i told her that it is a fetish. She had no comment about the masturbating thing but of course she can figure that part out. Now and then she feeds me with her outread mags. Like on my birthday 🙂

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