Jul 062019

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SOO many hot pics, plus the texture and scent I cant keep my had off myself lol.. Why cant American mags be like this!!

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  1. Wow. Thanks so much for posting. That magazine is so fine. I’ve been wondering what ViVi is like, and Popteen.

    • I never had a Popteen but the scans look hot, I used to have an “EGG” magazine which appears to be similar, I have 2 more magazines on order Japanese Nylon and Vogue. I also have more on my watch list – Ranzuki and Glitter. I’ll be sure to post pics when I get them.

      • Great. I’ve just got three Japan Vogues in – they’re amazingly constructed – super high quality and really solid – I was really impressed. I’d really like to get some Numero TOKYO next. I must post some pics. I have some Korean mags on the way. Yess, I’ve seen a very hot cover of Glitter, and was wondering about that mag!

      • I am living in Japan and I can highly recommend Vivi. Japan is an amazing country for magazines. You can see sexy women reading them everywhere and the smell in those bookstores is just amazing.
        However, magazines are decreasing slowly here, too.

        Here my recommendation.

        Vivi: all issues until the year April 2018. The paper quality used to be so much better back then. More glossy, a little bit thinner and great smell.

        Pooteen changed in 2017 to a book like paper which is sad. All issues before, especially 2013-2017 are the best. Probably the best paper feel I have ever seen in a magazine.

        Also highly recommended are:
        Maquia, 美人百花, AR, Seventeen and older CanCam (until 2017) and Voce (until April 2018).

        Glitter used to be better as well in the past. I don’t personally like Ranzuki because of the thick book like paper.


        • Great advice, thanks!

        • I couldn’t handle it!! All these pretty Japanese girls reading their magazines. Nice. I was stationed in Atsugi for 2 years. I loved loitering around the bookstores back then to catch a whiff and check out the mags. i remember the girls on the trains reading their mags 🙂 Great info! Thanks 🙂 🙂 I will keep in mind as i plan to get a few more… The mags here are getting more expensive for what is becoming more brochures the Magazines lol

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