Apr 132019

I just bought it. I cant resist Keira on cover







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  7 Responses to “Oh Keira”

  1. This looks gorgeously beautiful, does it feel wonderful and smell addictive if you snuggle into those glossy pages?

  2. Wow! Yes I hardly cant resist Kiera either, Great choice.
    The second last pic is Camilla Läckberg. I have masturbated a lot to her when ever she is a covergirl here in Sweden

  3. Who is the normal reader of this magazine?

    • I found nothing on official site about target. But i think its fot women in ages 25-50. Topics are psyche, interview with intersting People that have something to Say, sex(but not in cosmo way), lifestyle, health a Little bit fashion. Not all covers are sexy like this. MORE covershttps://m.famousfix.com/topic/zwierciad-o

  4. Ohhh, they are beautiful!

  5. Fantastic pics!

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