Just a few older but gorgeous glossies x000E0A05-0525-4680-8C23-B24696F6F9A3 9AD3D6DB-FA11-4912-B638-59D291E8A1EB 9C46E2E6-7869-4CCB-90D1-6926AB08EAA9 CF4E951A-5BED-49DF-81D1-8918BBE23D93 DCAA854F-1583-4FF6-8D48-AD60B01A5C1A 9BA68421-1BB1-4E38-9403-CC4A885949A6

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  1. So many of my favorite covers in there! Especially that Karlie Kloss Vogue mag! I’d love to lay down on that bed covered in mags and just stroke all night long!

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