Jan 092019

Just a few older but gorgeous glossies x000E0A05-0525-4680-8C23-B24696F6F9A3 9AD3D6DB-FA11-4912-B638-59D291E8A1EB 9C46E2E6-7869-4CCB-90D1-6926AB08EAA9 CF4E951A-5BED-49DF-81D1-8918BBE23D93 DCAA854F-1583-4FF6-8D48-AD60B01A5C1A 9BA68421-1BB1-4E38-9403-CC4A885949A6

  7 Responses to “Older but still gorgeous x”

  1. ahh instant hard on with those beauties from an golden era, especially Vogue Uk

  2. Oh gorgeous glossy heaven, I am totally under their power for those beauties to seduce me and encapsulate my body.

  3. I wanna fuck them so hard while I wear my sexy leather jacket

  4. Tell ya the old ones are the best. I wish I could comebine the editorial of Cosmo in the naughties 00s with the covers from the 90s

  5. When are these from? They are pretty great!! All UK editions?

    That Karlie Kloss cover is amazing.

  6. So many of my favorite covers in there! Especially that Karlie Kloss Vogue mag! I’d love to lay down on that bed covered in mags and just stroke all night long!

  7. Delicious! Thanks for posting!

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