Jan 032020

im on xhamster.com and I  will be posting there more content. Here’s my newest video https://xhamster.com/videos/cum-tribute-to-cosmopolitan-cover-of-selena-13256015 hope you enjoy 😉

Dec 292019
merry x mas

by superola this is my fav mag cover with mila <3 a gift for anyone want cover with model or actress http://www.celebrityendorsementads.com/celebrity-endorsements/   ENJOY 🙂

Dec 282019
List your 2019 fav covers.

Im starting a new kind of tread. This one is going to be settled every year from now on. Here I list my favorite covers of the whole year. Which covers I prefer when I masturbate.  I also want to see your best magazine covers of 2019. Just post the and comment your thoughts.   […]

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