Feb 112021
Do you remember your first pic?

Here is a little funny question. Does any of you remember the first magazinerelated picture you saved from the net to your own computer? I just found my very first picture 🙂 It is funny to see 3000 pictures later. What was your first?? 🙂

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Feb 112021

I strongly suspect that I’ve been bidding against some of you regularly.. If you can post what you’re bidding for on Ebay.Co.Uk I’ll be delighted to refrain from competing with you so you can get what you want!

Feb 102021

“Am I the only one?” That is the question I guess we all asked ourselvs when we accepted we had a fetish for womens magazines. How often have we leafed throgh the glossy pages of our mum or wifes magazines in deep secret and had the thought “I am the only one in the whole […]

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Feb 042021

I really don’t have much to do today, so I decided to go ahead and write my own version of the “where it all began” posts. I’ve always wanted to write this sort of posts for a very long time. I do have a somewhat ‘colorful’ history, subjectively of course, so I guess maybe I […]

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Feb 032021
Paper Quality

So I bought this German ELLE. I mean, look at that cover, how could you not? 😀 Looking inside, the paper is mat, and that is a tendency I been seeing a lot lately. I REALLY dont like it!I know its cheaper, better for the environment ect. But man, I don’t get me off. What […]

Feb 022021
Lockdown funtime! Geared up for a fun session 😘

I’ve been meaning to dress for a while and get some of my magazine collection out. I’m currently sat laid with my magazines and in front of me stands a magnificent cock that I’m going to ride whilst flicking through and pressing some lovely glossy magazines against my PVC cladded skin 😍

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Jan 302021
My new maid dress

I recently got a latex maid dress and I love it! I feel so sexy in it and I love reading magazines while I wear it! These are the best pictures so I’ll take some better ones when I have the time

Jan 282021

Hello everyone, long time lurker here decided to finally sign up for an account. just want to drop in and say hi. I first found out about this site when there was still only 30-ish pages worth of posts. There’s about 84 pages now, so yeah quite a long time ago. Never really bothered to […]

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