Aug 132019

hey folks. yesterday I bought the actual issue 09/2019 of german vogue. this morning I don’t wanted to destroy it directly, so I just wanked a bit wih condom in it.

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Aug 062019

This month, I saw that Cosmo started to sell a low quality version of the magazine for 1 euro…the paper quality is very low and it just feels like carton…I bet this is the next test balloon and they are checking the market if people accept the bad quality to save some money. And I […]

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Aug 062019

Coping with Heating and air conditioning trouble might be a distressing circumstance for anybody who is unfamiliar with the best ways to identify respected, qualified companies. What is important a homeowner can do is usually to instruct themselves carefully in the approach prior to any needs arise. The content beneath may help everybody do exactly […]

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Aug 032019

If you’re interested in seeing lots of magazine pictures and videos, then i’ve created an instagram account for that! I figured that it’s easier to post lots of pictures over there, instead of flooding this forum with posts. i also thought of posting some pics from my latest purchase. Hope this doesn’t get removed for promoting my […]

Aug 032019
Summer has been good

So I saw the post with everyone talking about the european issues that were super hot. Elle Poland, Red, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Vogue Poland. Well I ordered some through nvm’s recommendation to get through empik. Got the sexy issues that everyone was speaking about. Patiently waited. Got some issues locally in my market and had […]

Jul 272019

Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking around these communities for a while, decided to finally make my appearance here. I’ve been in love with the feel and look of fashion magazines since forever, and I am also very interested in fashion itself. I have an xhamster account with a few bits of content on it(living in […]

Jul 272019
My magazine addiction.

Hi Everybody. Do any one here know how we or why we got this magazine addiction or fetish? For me I clearly know the first time I got my hand on a fashion magazine.  I do remember the feeling. That feeling trigged something in my brain and it was then instant clear what Im about […]

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