Jun 152016
Hola Prêt-à-porter and Alta Costura

Recently, one of you members, told me about his intention to buy an issue of Hola Prêt-à-Porter or Alta Costura. So here is a sample of what can be found inside. Of course I tried to pick the best pages! As reminder: Hola is a famous spanish magazine, focused mostly on spanish celebrities. 4 times […]

Jun 142016

Today i had a good time together with one of my favorite Amelia issues. As usual i started to masturbate with them and later I cummed inside to a beautiful girl with a sexy donut bun with yellow flowers around. Her earings is amazing! I couldnt resist her beauty, my orgasm and cumblast was a […]

Jun 122016
Glossy Magazine Porn

Hi my fellow Magazine lovers. here is a little sunday treat for you Im sharing my extralunchmoney.com login, so you can freely download the 5 movies i bought. All magazine fetish ones 🙂 User Name: hullahop Pass: Dw0807841955 If you dont know the site, its a place, where you can pay girls to do want you want. […]

Jun 112016

Hi my fellows. If someone have pictures of the brittish magazines OK! & Closer, please post them or send them to me. I think they are soo sexy compared to other gossipmagazines! I hope you can help 🙂   BXV

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