May 092016
Fashion Magazines Soup

This other day I filled my tub with warm water, brought about 15 Vogues, Marie Claires and others of my glossy fashion magazines collection, and plunged in together with them – I was having a magazines soup ! I spread them all over my wet body and my face. Then I started rubbing my dick […]

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May 042016
Magazine rituals

When i walks in to a store i constantly looks at the shelf of magazines. I i see a sexy girl on the cover i buy it. No matter what i just buy it. I feel that tickling feeling in my stomach and the thoughts in my head is simple. I am gonig to masturbate […]

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May 032016
My magazine fetish

Many many years ago i was able to get my hands on my moms ELLE magazine. I belive i was about ten or eleven years old when the magazine made its debut to me. I remember how i got spellbound by Isabella Rosselini who covered the front of the magazine. In clear red color and […]

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May 022016
We need your opinion about NSFW content on Magazine Fetish

I recently received a suggestion, about the mature content on should have limitation. It made me wonder, what do you, lovely members, would prefer? As Magazine Fetish is a community, I need your opinion, about what do you want to see or not see when you visit the site. Simply answer the poll hereunder […]