May 152020

For all of you tired of US, European magazines or from wherever…..Japan still has the real stuff. This is just a random selection from this year. And yes, the paper quality is amazing. These are just magazines I like. There are many many more. Just copy paste 女性雑誌 to google and find out. Worth to try 😉

  6 Responses to “People bitching about Western Fashion Magazines”

  1. i thing like you, in asia are more sexy and beauty than eu!
    thx u

  2. I like the covers of ViVi, Maquia, also CanCam. And before, it used to have AneCan, which unfortunately fold recently. I regret i never bought any of them (yet).

  3. I would love to snuggle into all of these glossies.

  4. Sometimes they are good but not always. The Japanese editions always have the same boring background, or bad group shots.

  5. As someone that always wishes I’d been more sissy in my younger years, I’ve always likes the look of POPTEEN that I’ve seen online. Is it as good as it looks?

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