Sep 242019

  9 Responses to “N/A”

  1. That looks so hot! I bet you had a lot of fun cumming all over those sexy Taylor mags in your hotel room!

  2. So hot, anything I seewith Taylor, Ariana or Selena I buy it!

  3. Really nice lays. I too picked the Taylor Sept Cogue up on the way to my recent play room in a far city hotel room

  4. I really like the September US Vogue and love to smother my body under it’s weight and gorgeous aroma glossy pages.

  5. What issue is that dark red hairstyle one?

  6. hi I have never posted here before but I really enjoy buying Cosmo vogue Marie Claire etc… at airports when I fly…and I really like to read them while wearing latex gloves and a protective allergy mask over my mouth and nose on the plane. it drives me wild and makes me feel so safe yet so feminine and strong. I never have to breathe in another persons cough or smell the perfume ads or inky slick pages on my hands when I arrive at my destination.

  7. Looks fun.. I love hotel magazine sex!!

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