Jan 272021

Hello guys,

i am having a hard time buying russian magazines online from sites like youla or avito because of obvious reasons.

I am looking for a fellow russian who can help me aquire some long time favourites, of course I will reward any help.


  7 Responses to “Russian Beauty Mags”

  1. Peter they look delicious, some fun times comming up.

  2. Oh, these look amazing! Can you share the mag from the post itself? If I open the post it is not visible.

  3. These look stunning! Very jealous

  4. I have some experience of buying magazines internationally….. My suggestion is to find a Russian ASMR Youtuber, arrange to buy them magazines for their videos, then ask them to post them to you when they’re done. Not only will you get a nice pack of magazines, but you’ll get to see them in advance on YouTube being read/handled by a pretty girl. Ask me how I know 😛

  5. Also, try Newsstand.co.uk for the obvious choices such as Vogue / Bazaar / Tatler – their cover prices aren’t horrific, and they post internationally.