May 202018



“Look what came in the mail baby, your favorite fashion magazines.”  She teased holding three thick glossy fashion magazines in her arms.  “It’s the September issues.  They are so big and heavy.”

My wife enjoyed the fashion magazines and they were addressed to her but they were my secret indulgence. I loved the glossy pages, beautiful women and luxurious items that were presented within.  I was a little embarrassed of that fact and my wife liked to tease me about it.

Reading them made me feel very submissive and feminine.  Just seeing my wife holding them now made me horny to worship her and submit to her desires.  I loved sitting at her feet, watching her read them.  I would agree to almost anything there and she liked to take advantage of that fact.  We would read them together “like two girlfriends” as she would say, and she would show me all the items and cloths she wanted.

Our sex life was amazing but not in the traditional way.  We loved strap-on sex and she enjoyed pegging me whenever she pleased.  Soon after meeting her I brought up that I wanted to try pegging. She tried it and loved it.  My wife is naturally dominant so it was a nice fit for her and since getting married years ago, we stopped having traditional sex all together.

I took the magazines from her and put them on the coffee table.

“Let’s play.  I had a rough day and I really need to take my aggression out on you.”

She didn’t need to ask a second time.  I was feeling submissive since she teased me about MY fashion magazines.

“Get the La Mer body cream upstairs, I want a massage before I fuck you.”

I ran upstairs like a puppy dog to get the cream.  My heart was racing and my dick was hard just thinking about what was going to happen.


By the time I got back down she was sitting on the couch looking upset at me.

“Hand me a fashion magazine.”  She demanded.  I immediately reached for the magazines and handed her the copy of Vogue.  It was the September issue and was so thick and heavy.  She began to flip through the pages nonchalantly and ignored me as I knelt in front of her.

I loved it when she ignored me when I tried to please her.  I began rubbing her legs and feet while she perused the magazine massaging the cream into her perfect skin.

“Take off your cloths baby, I want to see you nude.”  I took off my cloths while kneeling in front of her

“It so small baby.”  She said laughing a bit as she looking over her magazine down at me. I nodded my head in agreement.

“You get so hard when I make fun of your small cock.  Do you like it when I humiliate you baby?”  I meekly said yes.

“Good, it makes me feel dominant to pass judgment you and your little cock.”  And it made me feel very submissive when she did.

She smiled and said “Don’t be mad baby but I just can’t orgasm with your cock.”  Thumbing through the glossy pages.  I didn’t respond but just kneeled at her feet and began to massage her legs and feet again.

“Tell me your cock is too small and thin to please me.”  I repeated it back as she smiled and continued to read.

After a few minutes she said, “Ahh that feels so good baby.  Don’t forget my calves and thighs.”  I loved being corrected and trained for exactly what she desired.    I went back to work trying to please her the best I could.  After a few minutes my hands tired but I continued to massage her.

“Before I met you I dated a guy who had a cock as long as this Vogue magazine and twice as thick.”   She held the thick glossy magazine up and smiled.  I didn’t want to believe her but I did.

“I would cum almost immediately when we had sex and he could bring me to orgasm whenever he wanted with that monster cock.”  I could only make my wife orgasm with my mouth.

“Let’s see how you measure up baby!”  She laid the magazine on the table.  The magazine was certainly thicker than my cock and twice as long but she wanted to rub it in a bit.


I laid it onto the glossy cover and it barely reached half way.  “Don’t cheat baby, rest your balls along the magazines spine.”

I pushed my hips forward but she still blurted out “It looks like you are half the man he is baby!” as she laughed.

“Let’s see if you can get any bigger baby,” she said stroking my shaft.  “Don’t cum baby I don’t want you to get the magazine all messy.”  The idea of my wife making my ejaculate over the glossy cover was very appealing but I resisted.

After about 30 seconds I asked her to stop because I was going to cum.  “Yup you are half his size baby,” she said matter-a-factly.  “Don’t worry there are so many other ways you can please me!”  She said with a smile.

“For one I want these shoes.”  She flipped to the page with some sexy shoes and pointed.  “And second I want to fuck you, head up stairs and get ready.”  She slapped my bare butt as I responded to her command and said “Good girl” in a playful voice.

“Don’t forget the magazines baby!” she said playfully.  “You can read them while I fuck you doggy style.”  I loved the idea, grabbing the glossies, I headed up stairs.

I took out the big bottle of lube, a pack of XXL condoms and lay down.

I began to flip through the magazines thinking about how I was going to please my wife.


I loved it when she is multi orgasmic with the strap on, cuming over and over again in my ass as we move from position to position.  I know she loves to hurt me with her monster cock when she fucks and I know she loves hearing me whimper and cry as she aggressively fucks me.

I loved to rub her pussy as she pounded my ass, trying to make her cum.  It is also fun for the both of us to change positions without her pulling out.  She was is so well hung with her big strap-on, she confidently moves from position to position without ever falling out.   She also enjoys it when I ride on top reverse cowgirl so she can watch her 10” strap-on go in and out of me.  I love feeling her hands guide me up and down on her cock knowing she won’t stop until we both cum uncontrollably.

“Good you are getting in touch with your feminine side” she said smiling as she entered the room.  “Play with your pussy while I get ready, I’m going to wear you out today!”

She took the 10” long strap on from her drawer and went into the bathroom.

I began playing with my ass while staring at the fashion magazines.  I loved reading the articles about how to please in bed and all of the sex clothing.  I felt like a porn starlet waiting for the stud to arrive and being nervous about the pounding I was going to get.


She confidently walked out of the bathroom and commanded “Get on your knees and suck my dick bitch.”  Her thick ten in cock swung between her legs as she walked to the edge of the bed and put one leg up on the frame.  I put the magazine down, kneeled before her and asked meekly, “Should I put on the collar or the blindfold?”   I knew she liked me wearing one or the other while we fucked.


“Put on the blindfold and kneel.”  I complied immediately kneeling at her feet.

“You love this cock don’t you?”  I nodded.  “Tell me how much you love my cock.”

“I love your cock baby, it’s the perfect dick.”  It was perfect, 10 inches, thick with a large uncut head.  She swung it in front of me teasing me with the head.  “Good girl. Now chase that cock you little slut!”  She laughed as I blindly chased her cock head with my lips.

“God you are pathetic!” She exclaimed as I continued to search for that monster head.

After teasing me for a bit more she allowed me to give her fellatio.

I cupped the massive balls with my hand and worked the shaft with my other hand while sucking on the head.  She groaned with pleasure.

“I love when you deep throat but you can never get more than half of it down your throat baby.”  I let go of the shaft and began deep throating.  I relaxed my throat but still coughed and gagged.


“Good girl gag on that dick.”  I put my hands behind my back as she put her hands on the back of my head and began to fuck my face.  I opened my mouth so she could hear me gagging on her head.  She moaned with pleasure as probed the back of my throat.  After about a minute of intense fucking, I lifted my hand and began rubbed her pussy lips under the strap-on as she thrust forward.  Her pussy was soaking wet under the lacy underwear as I massaged it.

“This is a close as you are ever going to get again to my pussy.” She said laughing as she continued to fuck my face. I desperately wanted to make her cum with my mouth and worked her cock and head like a slut.  I grabbed both her butt cheeks and drove my head down onto her cock in desperation.

“God you are turning me on with that deep throating!  Get the whole thing bitch!” I continued to worship her strap on with my mouth and throat while she watched.

“You are getting so messy babe.”  Saliva poured out the edges of my mouth and onto my chest.

She continued to face fuck, pulling me onto her cock if I tried to resist.

“I’m going to wear out your mouth and then your ass baby.”  She said putting her hands on her hips as she inspected my technique.



After a few more minutes she said, “You ready to get fucked?”  as if I had a choice.

She took my hand and guided me blindfolded onto the bed.  She then playfully pushed me down so I was on all fours in the middle of the bed.  I lifted my ass in the air for her to take.

“Good girl.  Present that pussy to your Master.”  She positioned herself, grabbed my hips and began sliding the shaft along my anus.

“Beg for this cock bitch!”  She slapped my ass with her cock and played with my hole with her swollen head.

I begged for it while she gave me a rim job sliding the length of her 10 inch shaft along my hole.

“Who is your daddy?”  She asked.  As I replied you she proceeded to penetrate with her massive head and with one thrust didn’t stop until she was balls deep inside me.  I tried to brace myself to prevent her from going all the way in, but she swept my hand aside and fully penetrated me.  I let out a moan as she slapped my ass in domination, her giant cock head deep inside me.

Next began a good thirty minutes of ass fucking.  We both loved the doggy position and she moved from different variations to the positions, kneeling behind me and then with her right leg out to the side and then left.  She loved exploring different angles almost pulling her cock head out completely with each thrust.


She slid her left foot forward as she continued to fuck me and said, “Kiss my feet bitch.”

I kissed the back of her left foot and she pounded away then licked the length of it until I reached her toes.

“Suck on my toes now slut!” She demanded.  I began sucking her toes working my way up to the big toe.  “That’s it, suck it like a cock you little whore.”  I bobbed my head up and down on her big toe and she continued to fuck me balls deep.  “You like having both holes filled up don’t you?”  She said as she began to cum deep in my ass.  She grunted and moaning in satisfaction as she blew her load inside me, her big balls slapping against mine as she came.  I was about to cum with her but stopped masturbating to hold it off for now.

After cumming her pace slowed as she fucked me.  She cradled my left butt cheek with her left hand and guided my ass onto her huge cock with her right hand, “Am I hitting all the right spots baby?” She said fucking me passionately.

“Yes, baby it’s amazing.”  I said trying not to cum.

“I want to try to cum four times baby.”  I tried to relax but four orgasms would mean an hour of fucking.

“Take off your mask.”  I did squinting at the bright light of the room.

“Look your fashion magazines are all laid out for you to read while you get fucked.”  She said laughing.

The thick fashion glossies were spread out along the head of the bed.

“Go ahead baby enjoy them, this is going to take a while and I’m going to be rough.”



I pulled the September Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar towards me and began to flip through the pages.  As I stared at the glossy pages I began to relax and push my hips upward in submission.

“Good girl!” She said burying her entire cock inside me.  “You like being my sissy slut don’t you babe?”

“Yes.” I said in mild distress.

“You would do anything for this big cock wouldn’t you?”  She said guiding my ass onto her with both hands, watching her massive cock disappear inside me.

“I could fuck this ass all day if I wanted to right?”

As I answered yes she came for the third time fucking me as fast as she could as she orgasmed.

I struggled to handle her massive cock arching and twisting my back in a futile attempt to prevent her from penetrating me completely.  She put one hand in the small of my back and grabbed my shoulder with the other to straighten me out and again fully penetrated me.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she came burying her swollen head deep in my belly.  Her body twitched with pleasure and I felt her cock twitching inside me too.

After her third orgasm the pace of her fucking slowed and for a while we were in perfect sync my ass bouncing on her cock and her hips meeting perfectly in the middle.

“Damn your pussy is good baby.”  My ass hurt as she pounded away.

“I know how you like to have your pussy fucked too.”  She pulled her cock out until just the head was inside me and work my ass with just the head.  She continued to fuck me with just her tip driving me crazy with pleasure.

“You love this head don’t you?”  She said letting it fall completely out of me.


“Beg for this big cock baby.”  I begged her to put it back inside me but she continued to tease me with the swollen head.  I tried to back myself onto her cock but she continued to tease me with it.

After a few minutes of sensual teasing she penetrated me from tip to balls in one thrust.  I let out a gasp of pleasure mixed with pain and she began to fuck me as fast as she could.  I loved just the tip but my wife enjoyed going using the entire length of her cock to fuck giving me 10 inches with each thrust.  She fucked me from tip to balls for about five minutes like a rabbit.

“Oh god baby you are so big! I can’t take it.” I said begging for mercy.

“But I’m so close to cumming again baby.”  She said grunting with pleasure.  She never hesitated and continued to fuck with aggression.

I gripped the thick edges of the fashion magazines tightly to temper the pain and closed my eyes as she continued.  She grunted with each thrust as her hips slapped against my ass.  Again I put my hand back to try to prevent full penetration but my wife grabbed it and used it as leverage to get completely inside me.


“You can’t ever get away from my cock bitch!”  And with that she finally came for the fourth time.  A sense of joy replaced the pain as I realized she was coming.

After blowing her final load she fell back onto the bed her strap-on cock pointing straight up.

“Can I cum Master?”  I begged.

“Suck it first slut.” She commanded so I took off the condom and sucked on the head. As I kneeled in the bed giving her head she pickup up the Vogue magazine and began to read.  I swirled my tongue around the glans of the head and then relaxed my jaw to allow the head to enter my mouth my balls aching with cum.  After a few minutes or worshiping her cock she peered over the magazine and said I could cum.

“Cum on my cock and clean it up.”  I masturbated while she played with my balls with her cock head.

“God your balls are so tiny!”  She giggled hitting them with her monster cock head.  I instantly came spraying ribbons of cum along the cock and onto her belly.

“Clean up time baby and don’t miss any.”  I hesitated at the task so she ran her finger along the shaft and collected some spunk and fed it to me.

“You know you love it!”  She laughed. I continued to clean up licking all the salty cum from her cock and belly.  She went back to reading her fashion magazine looking over intermittently to inspect my work.

“Good slut, but you missed some.” She said peering over the glossy pages and again used her finger to feed me the last bit of semen.


“Have you thought about my idea?” She said feeding my the last drops of cum.  She wanted me to help her select a bull for our relationship; she has been bringing it up after she fucked me lately.

“You know you want to watch me suck on a big fat cock.”  She said teasing me.  I did but the idea of bringing a man into our bedroom was scary and I knew they wouldn’t stop at oral sex.

“Pegging you is fun but I miss the satisfaction of being fucked by a real man.”  I wasn’t sure if I was ever able to make my wife cum by having sex so that made sense.

“I want you to help me select a bull so we both comfortable with him babe.  He will not just be my new boyfriend but yours too.”  She smiled.

“I really think it would make me happier and satisfied in our relationship.  Don’t you want to make me happy?”  I did but I didn’t want to lose her either.

“I love our girl time together, reading fashion magazines and talking about girls stuff don’t you?”  I loved it more than anything.

“Well I wouldn’t want it to end because you cause a stink over selecting our bull.”  I would do anything to maintain our playtime.

“If you are a good boy I can make sure I bring you along when I go out with the girls shopping.”

“Imagine helping us pick up the latest fashion magazines.  I know you love those thick glossy mags don’t you?”  I nodded in a trance.

“Then we could go lingerie and cloths shopping and head home to read all those magazines and try on some sexy outfits.” She knew my every fantasy and could exploit it.

“Maybe you could give us pedicures or foot massages while we gossip?” I loved the idea.

“I can make your fantasy come true baby but only if you agree to be cuckold.”  She held up her Tinder app to me.

“This guy is hot and he says he is dominant and well hung.  Seems perfect for us.”

I swiped to the right on the app and we both smiled. “I’m so glad you are on board for this next phase of our relationship!”

We spent the next few hours reading fashion magazines and talking about our ideal bull.

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  1. Holy shit this was so hot! I wish my wife would do all these things to me! It would be soo hot for her to fuck my ass over some sexy fashion mags, and for her to be into finding another guy to fuck her while I watch!

  2. Wow, your wife is so into magazine love only wish she could slide those thick glossies into my mouth and anus so I could absorb their glossy pages’

  3. Glad you guys liked it. Yea my wife says I’m a lucky girl every time she pegs me.

    Working on some other sexy stories for the future.

  4. Profile photo of

    So hot, I can’t even imagine what it must have felt that! Subscription magazines and pegging what a combination…. Next time, you should save yourself a bit to have a sissygasm while being fucked!

  5. Great story… I don’t think the “bull” is a good idea tho… Could be pleasurable yes…. But it seems…. Very odd

    Good luck… God KNOWS you’ll need it

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