Oct 212019

I was very surprised on how much I came

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  9 Responses to “Shay Mitchell tastes my cum”

  1. That cum looks great on her. Thanks for showing the result!

    • No problem, the only thing that sucked was cleaning up. But thankfully I was able to get all the cum off

      • Yes, when you cum that much, You have to be very quick to wipe clean.

        It is not hard to understand why you came so much, Your balls wanted to be sure that you could deliver her the right amount of semen for her sexy body and face..The sexy dress made it even worse. I think you balls also released your semen reserve so that you was dry for a while after. 🙂

  2. fuck that is a hot load you shot on her sexy Cosmo mag! I wish I could lick it clean for you!

  3. Nice “I” would absolutely have to penetrate her

  4. So hot! thanks for sharing

  5. That issue is so delicious I can’t cum on it. I just can’t, I just cum all over my hands instead, which is totally fine, I just don’t want to ruin that issue!