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  7 Responses to “Some of my favorite magazines”

  1. Wow! those are some sexy magazines. It would be a hard decision to which one I would load in first.

  2. The two September Vogues in the upper left are nice. If I have those magazines I would really mess them up. One maybe two days, and both would be destroyed!

  3. Good collection. Snagged a few of these, the 2017 September Vogue The Cara delevingne Elle and the Dua Lipa Vogue. All good.times.

  4. Ho una collezione simile alla tua, molto bella!

  5. I once had over 270 magazines mostly Vogue, HB, ELLE, Glamour and Cosmo. For a time, I was by myself and the spare room had a mattress o. The floor surrounded (completely) by these mags. I had them stacked so I could see the titles as I played. I just went from stack to stack. Man that was so of my best Women’s magazine loving. Straight forward, kinky, fetishy and just plain hot!

    • I had something similar. Twice in quick succession. FREE Vogue magazines plus a few Elles, Glamours came on Gumtree close to where I lived. I took the courage like the first few times ever buying a fashion magazine in a newsagent type of rush! To get in contact and HELP these woman clear put there unwanted magazines. Only o e of them questioned what or why I wanted them
      I pretended someone I knew wanted them for their beauty salon!

      When I had them all a good 100+ I made stacks waist high enough.

      So.i could stand or kneel at.them with a couple of magazines on top of my cock so I could shag them hard
      Great times.

  6. Italian Elle’s are amazing.

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