some old but good magazines

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  1. I simply love redbook, and would read it monthly
    it’s one of the few magazines I felt comfortable reading in public, softly stroking the thin, delicate pages at doctor’s offices. my allergist noticed this one day when I was getting fit tested for a special dust mask and ill never forget her surprise: she said “you like reading Redbook? it’s not a guy’s magazine but it’s a good thing you like reading it because it makes you look smart and confident”
    she saved me redbooks from then on, in her office

      1. Don’t ever be afraid! Just wear gloves so you don’t get other people’s sick germs in your hand.

        I love to take magazines from salons too, I always ask. My salon let’s me keep on my mask while I get my hair styled, because the smell is awful and because the perfume samples in the magazines is bad there. The ladies insist on ripping the samples out! Then sometimes saving the magazine for me.

    1. I loved redbook and would read it with women looking at me and if they were reading it I would talk about the magazine and how I loved it. I was caught kissing it in a woman’s doctors office once.. Loved masturbating with it, great orgasms always!!

  2. I have loved and still love Good Housekeeping magazine…They don’t have women on the cover anymore, but still its soft pages are erotic for masturbating and stroking my cock inside it until orgasm..

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