The feeling we get when we have a new magazine at home and we finally get to spend time with it.

Reading it, smelling it and other things, I subscribe to a lot of magazines but only get time to spend with them rarely. I tell my wife that I subscribe for her but she doesn’t know that they are really for me.

I get Cosmo, my favorite, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Women’s Health,  and Shape. I have to move them to my hiding spot every month after the new issues come in. I am so glad we are not alone in this fetish.

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  1. No i wish I could share it with her, but I am afraid she wouldn’t understand. I have a hiding that I keep than after she is finished with them

    1. Oh my god I’m exactly the same , when my wife has read her magazines she thinks I give them to a neighbour but I keep her vogue, elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar for myself and give the neighbour her grazia, cosmopolitan, glamour,heat and now magazines.
      I used to keep the cosmopolitan and glamour but they changed them from glossy to a more paper pages and I don’t like them

  2. Were do you hide them then? The magazine pile grows quite big after a while.

    Another question pops up in my mind. How do you manage to “hold your horses” when a mag comes to your door?
    That must feel kind of frustrating not to be able to masturbate with it before your wife reads it out in a couple of weeks 🙂

  3. I have storage totes in the attic above the garage. She doesn’t go there so I can smoke my other fetish and play with my mags. As far as the urge it takes restraint but well worth it when they all come the mail and I can sneak off with them

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