German people might know well this magazine, as it has been created there.
I never read the german version, but this is how I started to read the french version: I was around 18 years old, when I enjoyed a lot reading ELLE, Marie Claire, Femme Actuelle… But I never thought about Gala! Because basically it is kind of ‘people magazine’ so I exepected low quality.
But one day, when I took back the train to my home, I saw that woman who I called “The Eva Mendes of the train”, as she looked like that actress (very far from her actually haha). And that woman was holding a Gala magazine. The size was so big, and it looked nice glossy’s pages.
Enough to make my mind think too much, and then I decided to try Gala, and I bought my first copy.
I was so surprised that actually, Gala is very aimed for women! They talked a lot about celebrities, for sure, but they also publish some fashion and beauty pages. It was perfectly feminine like I love !

I kept buying and really enjoyed them.

Here are some pictures of the last three issues I bought (april and may 2016). I picked the best pages to show you.

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