Nov 242021

Barnes & Noble in my area finally has British Vogue’s Adele issue! I am slightly regretting not buying more of them, but I think I may take a trip back there soon. I also saw Reese on the latest US InStyle magazine and couldn’t help myself. I will say, InStyle’s magazine quality is absolutely no comparison to British Vogue’s. InStyle, along with a few other of my past favorites, have been dropping in quality over the past years and I am afraid of losing them completely!

Anyway, here are the inside shots of Adele in British Vogue (sorry, I know the cover has been posted a couple times already) along with Reese in InStyle (plus a personal favorite from right after Reese’s article).

  4 Responses to “Tonight’s Newest Additions”

  1. Vogue it’s just beyond words… And I know that Instyle doesn’t have the best paper quality but their editorials, articles, pictures, etc. are amazing!

  2. I need to head to my Barnes and noble this week to get that British vogue and that Reese Witherspoon in style mag! In styles player quality is not good but I agreee about their editorials. I loved the last couple months in a row honestly! Anya Taylor joy’s cover and edit was gorgeous as was tommy dorfman’s in the same issue! I loved zendaya’s a lot too! Reese looks beautiful on this cover!

  3. No apologies necessary! Thanks for taking the trouble to post these. I agree, Reese’s cover and shots are very nice.

  4. The Instyle, which I don’t like because of its paper quality and sometimes it’s smell or lack thereof is off, I had to have for this cover. I enjoyed Reese throughout a night.
    Now the Adele Vogue has been the most fun with a fashion Magazine I have had for many years. I have three copies. One is close to…. Well you know. I want to keep these and it’s so hard (literally) to keep my cock out of it.