Feb 092019

2A9A677A-7C3E-410B-93B9-78C7CB75A733 65156627-4926-418A-9217-CDB9DA55D21D 7889FDDE-F32A-4552-B49E-7009267330C0 FB5AD338-F268-4867-BD5E-DC922EF2585B 75306D77-A170-4528-A377-7CA06D30ABEC 86A72B94-D856-4131-BEA4-8F3A35BFD484 2FB52180-32D2-4FB0-81BF-30F6CFAA3FB8Working  away again so brought some gorgeous older glossies , to play with !


  5 Responses to “Vintage glossy heaven !”

  1. Wonder what the chambermaid thinks of it. It must add to the naughty excitement well done

  2. Such a hot collection! I’d love to lay them all out on the bed, and just roll around on them while I sniff them and masturbate!

  3. I wouldn’t go to work, spend all my time covered in those glossies.

  4. Awesome. Thanks for posting!

  5. oh my, those issues with lara stone and lana del rey…

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