Jun 072022

I wonder if there are any genuine ladies on this site.

I adore servicing a goddess. I can eat out a pussy for 9 hours as my tongue wraps around a throbbing clit, and a stroke her labia like licking a soft ice cream.

Perhaps Round 2 would involve inserting a soft finger and stroking the ridges of her G Spot.

Afterwards, she could either pay me in women’s magazines or bag me in shiny black polythene bin liners and put me out for rubbish collection.

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  3 Responses to “Women readers ?”

  1. I swear you’ve told the pussy story about ten times on here!

  2. Didn’t your parents teach you not to swear. LOL.

    I’ll happily post it a thousand times if you enjoy me saying it so much.

  3. Its a real turn on to see a woman looking at a magazine,, IF I see one reading it, I will tell her I like and read or subscribe to the magazine and talk about it to see what she says,,, I get and instant hard on..