Jan 182022

My friends. Today my attention was directed towards madeline ASMR’s new video on youtube https://youtu.be/VZu2453BWYk  in wiche she in the start and the begining metions some of us, our page and community. But not positive!! She describe us as “wierdoes” and she makes us look like sick perverted people!! As a result I have suggested […]

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Jan 092022

bonjour je suis Français et je cherche des magazines sur des personnalités que j’aime (taylor swift, megan fox, dua lipa et bien d’autres). Si vous en avez et que vous voulez les vendre, je suis un preneur

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Jan 012022

Hi, does someone of you got the Vogue Italia 2021 Issue with Madonna and would like to do some pics with the Madonna Pages? Rubbing Cock, fucking the Magazine, cum into it? Would like to see Madonna would be used for that. I had no chance to get the Magazine with her here in Germany. […]

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