Sep 182022

Alright just a very short write-up about this weird thing I experienced. This Saturday I went to a fish market near me (a traditional market, not the supermarket kind of market) to pick up some fishes. This isn’t my first time, in fact I’ve been doing this routine for years anywhere between once or twice […]

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Sep 182022
Magazine of covers, going!

Ok people. Over recent months and trimming down my magazines I made this one off magazine with loads of covers stuck into the pages where it is text etc. Or nothing amazing. It has old and newer covers in ot. Im open to selling this I’ve had some amazing times with this. It is clean! […]

Sep 172022

Hi mates, Because i am running out of space i decided to sell 2-300 magazines. They are mainly Vogue Deutsch in perfect condition. From 2013 back till around 1990. The price would be 3 € for the issues after 2001, and 10 € before that. The minimum order should be 30 €. I post inside […]

Sep 122022

good morning. I am looking to procure more back issues of ELLE. I want to make sure however I don’t get the current past number of years. This is because I really don’t like that they changed the page paper. So just a simple one here folks, can anybody tell me the and month/ year […]

Sep 092022

I know many of us are more into the thick glossy monthly magazines, but how many others have or still do get the weekly magazines? I’m in the uk and we still have a reasonable selection but the covers aren’t as exciting as they once were, so I’m glad I have a lot dating back […]

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Sep 012022
Magazine collections

Just wondering how large are members magazine collections here? I’m totally head over high heals in love with COSMOPOLITAN and have been reading and collecting COSMO since I was 14. I had a relatively small collection on and off (I was in a lot of denial about my inner COSMO girl) until 1995 when I […]