My magazine collection

there haven’t been any posts here for a long time, so I want to dilute the silence a little with my international glossy collection UK: USA: France: Turkey: Italy: Russia: China: Korea: Japan: Some more catalogs from USA: They’re gorgeous. But for some reason I have a special love for Asian magazines: When I hold […]

Quick fun with Anna Hickmann

Time short, and I did a quick jizz on the brazillian model Anna Hickmann. She’s very hot and in many years she was cover in many magazines. But, some lingeries catalogs with her pics are my treasures. There’s one picture where she’s wearing semi transparent clothes and her nipples and the shape of her pussy […]

Water And Fashion Magazines

Does anyone enjoy putting water on glossy magazines? Or maybe putting a magazine under water for a short time and then playing with it?

A bit of fun, a sample from my collection and hot faces to load.

Here come some pics from my Boa Forma and Nova collection. Boa forma is a brazillian brand for fitness, beauty and health magazine, meanwhile Nova was our version for the worldwide known Cosmopolitan. In the 2010s the mag name switched into Cosmpolitan. I like the hot models and / or desired/ famous actresses in the […]

Looking for Billie Eilish

Hey guys and gals. I am looking for a copy of UK Vogue magazine June 2021 Billie Eilish Cover for a reasonable price. This cover is soo HOT! I want to do what this guy did.

Meet my new girlfriend!

So this is Meggs! My beautiful girlfriend and she loves magazines just as much as I do! Some of you may have met her before on insta through the Reading magazines account. You can message her and see more of her on: Instagram: magazine__addict Onlyfans: We also have a ton of magazines for sale […]

Happy to “cum back” again

Much time has passed since my last contribution here. Around 3 or 4 years. Many things changed. Many magazines died and pubblications moved to digital. I tryied print out some pics, or sometimes cummed on tablet’s screen, but this isn’t the same feeling. I’m not good at all with words, and we are here because […]