May 122019

To encourage you for the new week, and to make you wait for summer time ! (unfortunately, we won’t see it often, as everything is digital nowadays…)  

May 102019
My new magazines!

My new magazines! I just bought two new magazines, and it’s been a while since i’ve done that. I decided to go with ELLE and DET NYE, and i’m absolutely loving them 😍. I’m sure most of you have heard of ELLE, but DET NYE is a Norwegian fashion magazine. I read some posts about how the quality […]

May 092019

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May 072019

This months, German Elle reduced paper quality…Elle was always one of my absolute favourits…Elle was always such a nice perfect magazine but over the last years, Elle reduced format size but the paper quality was always great and very glossy…This month, I went to the magazine store and was looking forwar to buy the current […]

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Apr 202019

travelling to the USA in a few weeks, will be staying alone…can anyone recommend some nice recent issues of US magazines that I can spend some quality time with? Thanks 😉

Apr 182019

Hi Just to mention I’m having a sabbatical from magazines and selling a bundle. For some reason I can’t get any pictures to upload!! It is listed as a Vogue Bundle international edition. There is 10 magazines though one is a Russian Marie Clare 1 Elle polish, these are well looked after and clean . […]