Jul 012022
My new bumper sticker

I just put this on my otherwise rugged truck. It has already gotten a lot of attention from those behind me and I can see women smiling at it in my rear view mirror. I had to share it with you all as I know many of you would enjoy seeing it on the road.

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Jun 292022

Hello.  Ive been looking at the page a long while and felt the need to share my story.  I’m painfully shy and have many social anxiety issues. The above issue of Cosmo got me through some hard times back in the day.   I lived alone at the time and had sex with it often.  Several […]

Jun 132022
Italian Elle

I like to share with you theese hot pics; when my girlfriend is not around I love to look at her magazine and cum again and again! It would be even more exciting if she accepted to jerk me off over her magazine….

Jun 112022

just looking at magazine covers an there’s a few with the gorgeous princess Diana is it worthy of the fetish to play with or not would love some feed back ……. I’ve had newspaper with her inside an have loved them …..

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Jun 072022

I wonder if there are any genuine ladies on this site. I adore servicing a goddess. I can eat out a pussy for 9 hours as my tongue wraps around a throbbing clit, and a stroke her labia like licking a soft ice cream. Perhaps Round 2 would involve inserting a soft finger and stroking […]

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May 312022

good evening every one this is just a thought…. has anyone ever had a paoercut on there manhood maybe you just caught your cock on the edge of your fave mag I have once it hurt but hey having a glossy (the love magazine ) rolled up lubed up sliding up and down is a […]

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May 282022

Hey guys, finally figured out how to actually post properly on this page haha. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any videos of women inserting magazines into their pussies or arseholes. I’m straight so not interested in a guy doing this

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