Oct 162019

On here and on the discord, I’ve seen multiple postings of teenage magazines of which are underage. Common sense would tell you this is completely unacceptable. This shouldn’t even be a discussion. Multiple times I have seen people mentioning teen magazines, posting them, and essentially getting off to what are underage kids. This is completely unacceptable. […]

Oct 102019

new link for the GLOSSY MAGAZINE FETICH GROUP! the group contains: magazine category, for all glossy lovers, both for SFW AND NSFW content, so you choose uself! there is a bdsm category for all bdsm lovers, theres both sfw and nsfw there too. i think alot, if not all of us are sissy’s so OF […]

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Oct 092019
ice cream and Becky G

Even tho we sometimes fuck magazines, the sex articles and fashion models are irresistible, plus this is a great way to practice Spanish😉 But if anyone has any ideas for what else I could’ve done with the ice cream and magazine sexually

Sep 302019
New toy!

Holy shit!!! I just got my new butt plug and I thought it would be a little bigger but oh well. It’s in me right now as I type this. Oh FUUUUCK!!! Also these are some of the magazines I got over the summer. I have some more but I’ll post those later