Apr 022020
The forever Magazine Mistress

Ok guys. With the world on Lockdown. If you were told you could only spend the rest of your life with one Woman Magazine Cover Goddess who would you pick? I would pick Natalie Portman. Reason back in 2013 I bought this Elle . Also I started to notice sometimes Natalie would be either on […]

Mar 302020

Hi everyone, I’ve been following and reading this blog page for at least 6 months now and thoroughly enjoy some of the content posted, and it’s interesting and reassuring to have a place where I can relate to people feeling the same way I do! I have recently opened up to my girlfriend about how […]

Mar 192020

So I hope you all keeping public contact at minimum and if you are and happen to be on lockdown. What do you got to keep entertained while waiting it out?

Mar 142020
Magazine de-stress mistress

A very good girlfriend of mine was moving house and I was given the task of helping her move. While emptying her bedroom of furniture I instantly froze when I came across a large pile of vogue usa magazines that were stacked inside the bottom of her wardrobe! I asked her if they were going […]

Mar 102020

I know it’s a long shot but I’ve got to try on here! Does anybody have a copy of this magazine from 2003 that I could buy? I have been trying for years to find this but with no luck. Can anyone help please.