Nov 162019

Particular situations, for example injury or accidents, can often increase bills. Perhaps there is no need adequate cash flow and are not able to acquire funds from any individual. From time to time such as this, online payday loans may possibly come to be your only option. Read more for advice on receiving a payday […]

Nov 102019
Cover or Spread?

Its a constant battle when I jerk off. Are the covers hotter, or is the spread hotter? Im always trying to figure that out. Magazine closed and cover showing, I love holding multiple issues and getting the feeling of it all as I jerk off. They are easy to toss around and smell with little […]

Nov 042019
This is my mags fetish

Hello everyone! This is my collection of glossy women’s mags. I’m from Brazil and some of these mags may be new for You all. My fetish for woman mags started, when I was a young boy, about my 10 or 11 years, and I went to the dentist, meanwille I was waiting my time, I […]