Aug 112022

Just a quick hello. So glad to find this page! I always thought I was so alone in loving fashion mags. Some of you I notice from xhamster, before that site went to hell. Hope to make some friends here.

Aug 102022
Time to say hello

Good evening everyone. I have been here for several years, lurking and watching, wondering if I should say hello or stay quiet, somewhat fearful of the attention I might receive if I reveal my likes to others Well I thought I would end that today and say hello. I know we share a similar passion […]

Aug 062022

Anyone have the “Fame” issue of US Cosmo?  Beautiful cover, but is anyone finding it harder and harder to be faithful to the old gurl?  So thin, it only comes out every two months and no Maybelline ads etc.  There’s over use of stock art and barely any fashion.  Granted, the pages do still hold […]

Jul 312022
Sell lot of magazines

I’d like sell lof of magazines from Hungary. Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, LOVE, Fashion, Elle magazines. Spain, Germany, USA, Hungary, France Issues. Please write a message, if you would like to buy. I have lof of hungarian Cosmopolitan, Elle, Maria Calire and Playboy magazines. 3 $/ magazines. Shipment is circa 7 $/mag everywhere from Hungary.( 2 […]

Jul 262022

Long time member here, first time starting a discussion! We all have our own favourite and personal preferences when it comes to magazines. For some it’s the model on the front, or the glossiness of a magazine, or even the smell. For me, my absolute favourite attraction about a magazine is obviously the smell and […]

Jul 252022

I picked up 3 CLEO magazines this morning, all of them the same issue. Bought it at a used books store. It’s an old issue, 2012. Was an impulse buy to be honest, the cover is quite decent. One weird thing about those magazines that I just noticed is, the paper have some kind of […]

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Jul 232022

Hey everyone, I’m new around here and so very excited to finally find like minded people to chat and have fun with. I’ve been into magazines for over 30 years ever since I bought my first issue of Cosmo when I was 13. Anyway nots not why I’m posting. I am curious if any of […]