Aug 052020
Magazine Bags

There was a post put up a few weeks ago about the bags that some magazines come in, especially for multi packs buys and when promotional items are included. I thought I would share my small collection of “unopened”, but well used magazines in bags! Enjoy 🙂

Aug 042020

hi just wondering if any of my fellow mag lovers Has any magazine bundle or collection of nuts or zoo magazines.. they are on ebay mostly single ones and are ridiculously over priced. Any help Would be greatly appreciated 🙏

Aug 032020
Empty house = OMFG +Ebay trawl

So got an empty house for a few days. Seen this bundle of Old Cosmos had to have them. Always fancied the thought of a woman packaging more than one magazine for me . For just a few pounds. This for me was when Cosmopolitan was Cosmopolitan at it’s best ever . They have never […]

Aug 022020
Online Newsstands from all around the world

I’d like to gather here, in order to put links on the right bar, all the online shops you know to order worldwide magazines, apart from ebay. Don’t hesitate to contribute, and I’ll add the links. UK: France:

Aug 022020
Tina obrien

sorry previous post didn’t work! As I said, not the best magazine but love the cover. UK soap actress. Got a bit carried away xxx

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