Nov 242022
Love the magazine? How about wear the magazine!

Me out and about in my “Cosmo Girl” (wannabe!) mode! I love it when I’m complemented on my Cosmo slip dresses – it’s happened a few times amazingly enough. I’m living my fantasy and it’s incredible! I’ve walked around in public in parks, down the beach and in major shopping centers including lingerie stores and […]

Nov 072022

So I have an inquiring question. I have been seeing more and more Femme Actuelle Magazine scans lately on Instagram and they really are starting to quip my curiosity. What is this mags makeup. Is it a hard binded mag like Vogue or Bazaar? What are the pages like, are they durable and are they […]

Nov 042022

When it comes to the pictures of a model, every details matter. The model, the clothes she’s wearing, the mishmash of colours, the angle of the camera, the face expressions, the poses, and even the font used if there’s a writing on the picture. All of those elements can make or break the experience offered […]

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