Mar 022021
Vogue Paris

I couldnt resist. I finally purcased Vogue Paris. I cover girl just blows me away. As soon as I got home I started to masturbate to it. I really like Vogue Paris. It feels really heavy in my hands despite that it is not as thick as the Autumn issues.  I only go for the […]

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Feb 232021

I know this is a long shot but I’ve been looking forever to get my hand on one of these magazines. I had one back in 2019 but sadly I threw it away. Since this magazine has gone out of print I’m now looking to get them used. Does anybody have them here that wanna […]

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Feb 202021
Glossy envelopes!

Am I the only one who loves shiny envelopes? Although I’m not very interested in celebrities, glamour and award shows, I always get turned on when a beautiful lady in a fancy dress hold a glossy envelope casually between her silky gloves!

Feb 172021

As someone mentioned in a previous thread, Picclick has a nice aggregation of photos, but they’re basically a site that accumulates pics from the well-known sale sites like Ebay, and displays them in a more dense way. I don’t dislike it – some are of pics that Ebay has already sold, and I might not […]

Nice link

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Feb 162021

If you want to find some good images, here is the place   Nice day to you all 🙂

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Feb 122021

Am I the only one tired of it? Fashion mags have embraced it with open arms and it is not a pretty sight. Every cover of every mag now has these “creatures” that look like men. They aren’t pretty and they are disgusting to look at. My favorite mag used to be Allure. Up until […]