Mar 252023
Marie claire time!

Recently purchased this from a lovely lady near me through Depop. She asked what i wanted it for so i Told her I had a thing for Marie claire that stemmed from my childhood. She looked at me with a grin! Absolutely pristine issue until now as I’m currently lay in bed with it rammed […]

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Mar 212023

Hi!! I’m a new registered member but i’ve been following you for a long time. First of all i would like to thank you everyone to make this great site! I have talked to some of you about sharing videos. The people here is so nice but i have to apologize, my last few weeks […]

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Mar 192023

I got around 100 amazing glossy fashion magazines ending tonight at 8pm all started at 99p! So go grab a bargain! My eBay is kierauk.dxhjp8 Alternatively, use this link to one of my items and click my profile from there More are going up to be scheduled to start possibly this Sunday night Happy […]

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Mar 102023
Magazine surprise!

Today I bought my favorite Danish magazine “Woman”, and inside the magazine was a lovely surprise – an envelope with a shining silver square on it! I became very exited because it combined the two things I love the most – glossy magazines and shining envelopes! It has always been a huge turn on for […]