May 202020

Little update of an old post: Hi guys, I was wondering if there is anyone from England who could help me to buy and ship to me some new copies of newspapers such as “Sunday Sport”, “Weekend Sport”, and probably some others magazines. Of course I will pay for it. If there is anyone, please leave […]

May 182020

I had been masturbating to my sisters Cosmo’s and Glamours for several years . I was kinda feeling like she was like stupid or something, never once putting the combination together about why sometimes her mags were like they got wet or sometimes pages stuck together. There were other instances I remember at my aunt […]

May 152020

I’ll not even post the cover picture Has anyone chosen to buy this issue? Can Vogue UK get any worse.? Sure she’s a nice person good actress. But for what we’re after, it’s just wrong on so many levels. Unless someone out there really loves Granny! Dont get me wrong I dont mind some old […]

May 102020

I’ve been running this discord for a while now, with a few people. I’ve neglected to post it here for various reasons, but I feel comfortable when putting it down here. We got a few community channels, and various SFW and NSFW channels as well as a spot for discussion. If you are going to […]

May 082020

So I finally got my hands on a copy of ELLE August 2018 with Ariana Grande. I love Ariana and I was so excited that I finally got it. I went into my bathroom and opened up the mag to find that the page quality was not glossy at all. I enjoy the soft glossy […]