Feb 202020
Classic Marie claire

Another classic glossy before the days of cheap non glossy issues and digital downloads took over. Oozing sexiness and begging for some attention that I may just have to give her! Such a thick and heavy issue that feels amazing in its larger format as I flick through her teasing pages full of beauty ads […]

Feb 182020
New mags

finally I was able to get time to buy my beloved magazines. I checked out these two delights earlier and have been forced with a hard-on most of the days. I really like PLAZA KVINNA due to it big glossy format. Later this week I will give me some quality time with these 2 glossies.

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Feb 142020
Vintage cosmopolitan

When you forget just how sexy those 80’s issues of cosmopolitan are!!!!! Rescued these gorgeous glossies from a house clearance where everything was destined for the dump! Now they reside with me, getting the occasional loving they rightly deserve!!!!!