Dec 052019

Why this forum is created? Why we are here? Why this community try to search and post magazine related pictures? Are we interested in magazines? Are we interested in magazine fetish? Are we gays? Are we interested in penis? I don’t know why u are here guys. I am a hetero guy who love magazines […]

Dec 022019
Anyone like or tried Porter?

Do you ever scour pages of magazines for sale on eBay? Then succumb to buying one you keep thinking about? I did, I love the fact some woman(hopefully!) has gone to the bother of packaging and paying this just for me! I’m into Natalie Portman just now trying to put together a collection of her. […]

Dec 012019
Glossy Alpine Beauties?

I’m an american and will be travelling to Switzerland and Austria in a few months. I recall from a few years ago that there were lots of looking ladies and teens magazines, but I didn’t get to buy any. I won’t miss out this time. Can anyone share any favarorites that might be smiling at […]

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Nov 292019
Femme Actuelle. To my friends in France

My friends in the fetich. As I have travelled around Europe I sometime noticed some of the different national women´s magazines. In France i discovered as a young this magazine. Our site creator have allready shown and introduced us to this magazine, but I think it is worth showing again. Best wishes to our all. […]

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Nov 272019
Fun night and a Fantasy

So far I’ve really enjoy plugging my ass up with my butt plug. But lately I’ve been wanting to get pegged more and more. I’ve also been looking up strap ons and diffident sexy girl outfits for when I get fucked by my girlfriend~ but tonight I had a little solo session with both of […]