Sep 262017

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Magazine Inventory – CLICK HERE


I spoke to a mod here about this, and it got the blessing that it was ok to post about it.

I have an extensive collection of magazines and they have a pretty diverse swath.  I have a lot of womens fashion, fitness and health magazines.  But there is only so much I can do with such a collection.  So I figured that I would start putting issues up for sale on Amazon.  I’ll post my inventory sheet up here for all of you guys to see and give you all first crack at any issues that I have.  I live in Toronto, Canada, so keep in mind the issues my market gets, as well as shipping from me to you.  Pricing is going to vary.  Multiple issues are going to get a better deal since shipping is consolidated.


But either way.  The picture I attached, are just a tiny, tiny, fraction of what I have available.  It isn’t just womens magazines that I have.  I have a ton of Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and other mens magazines.  Take a look at my spread sheet.  Check the filters at the top.  You can see the complete list of issues that I have.  Those are always being added to.  It doesn’t reflect the full list of Penthouse or Playboy that I have.

Infact, I have created an instagram account, just to post about magazines.  So keep an eye out for @glossy0pages

Anyway, check my inventory and see if there are any issue you are interested in.  Message me directly on here

  2 Responses to “Buy and trade magazine collections?”

  1. awesome collection

  2. Do you still have si swimsuit 2004 and 2010 , if yes , how much for both , thanks

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