May 152020

I’ll not even post the cover picture Has anyone chosen to buy this issue? Can Vogue UK get any worse.? Sure she’s a nice person good actress. But for what we’re after, it’s just wrong on so many levels. Unless someone out there really loves Granny! Dont get me wrong I dont mind some old […]

May 082020

So I finally got my hands on a copy of ELLE August 2018 with Ariana Grande. I love Ariana and I was so excited that I finally got it. I went into my bathroom and opened up the mag to find that the page quality was not glossy at all. I enjoy the soft glossy […]

May 042020

Imagine the thought?! A holiday resort by the beach hot weather with a particular theme. Fashion magazines??? Iwas thinking thislast night and in the morning. Room or suites themed like say:a Vogue. Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan room. Where the decor , bed covers, are in the magazine theme. With maids that bring you room service in […]

May 022020

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew of some magazines that have a bunch of models in latex in them. I get very aroused to girls and latex and I can’t really find any mags that do. Thanks.