Feb 022019
Two Thick Vogues

  I’m going to keep only one of them. The other I will sacrifice to the fashion magazine Gods. I’ll abuse it,crumple it, mess it up, rip and tear it up, and kill it !  What do you think?

Jan 282019

Yes that’s right, weed. Whatever your thoughts are on it, getting high while looking at magazines feels amazing! Even better when you masturbate. But i also wear a girls cherry red leather jacket while I smoke from the pipe. Now not everyone will have the same feeling, but the more I smoked the more I […]

Jan 222019

I’m looking for recommendations for good European magazines. I’m a bit bored of US/British/Australian magazines. I got an issue of Vogue Spain recently and I loved it. What else do you guys love? For me, glossiness and smell are very important.