May 132022
COSMO lovemaking

I’ve uploaded a lot of my COSMO and some other magazines lovemaking sessions. I received some great responses for the first upload, so have been inspired to upload more! Thanks for the kind comments so far and so glad these images are enjoyed by some – it inspires me to upload even more!

May 092022

In years gone by I have a had to buy as many of a particular issue when it came out as I loved the cover so so much. This was admittedly crazy and expensive, but I would not be able to help myself and just keep buying issue after issue. I’d buy them at convenience […]

May 012022

hiya love vogue magazine .. I have a aquantanxe who I know has 12 years plus of vogue magazines is anyone local in kent or Surrey sussex an I will give details on how to get in touch as the lady is selling be good if they can stay within this fantastic fetish

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Apr 212022
Cosmo dresses

Hi all I’ve not posted in ages. I wanted to let you all know just how I celebrate my love for COSMOPOLITAN magazine. I’ve been reading and collecting Cosmo for a very long time and have a huge collection. I’m also a cross dresser, not the whole hair and makeup in general, but I love […]