Jan 242021
Old catalogues

Did any of you used to like these when you were younger. I remember, not these ones. But home shopping catalogues around the house. I was never into the lingerie pages. But the pages of full dressed women. I remember some catalogues had celebrity pages. Specifically Jane Seymour and heather locklear plus other dynasty chicks. […]

Jan 202021

Does anyone know where I can buy Hola Magazines in the UK? I buy Hello but I feel I want to get some copies of Hola. But on eBay they’re like £20 and upwards

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Jan 192021

Just a note to everyone as the troll continues to make himself known on here, often using genuine members profile names. If you click on the user name and it takes you to their profile, thats a genuine member. If it DOESNT open their profile then they probably aren’t who they are masquerading to be

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