Mar 312021

As I had discussed with @magdude44 I actually have been running a discord server for a while now. I had posted it before, but I didnt receive very good responses to it. So it was been agreed between both of us that the server he had created will merge with mine. Here is the new […]

Mar 112021

Does anyone else like to rub the glossy pages on their nipples? I do and I also use the edges of the magazines for some nipple torture. I do it until my nipples bleed. It hurts so good. I have masturbated to magazines for many years. I’m 60 years old. Lots of life experiences.

Mar 092021
Anyone interested on my collection?

Unfortunatly i have to empty the basement. I have dozens of italian magazines that I don’t want throw on the bin. (Most of them from year 2010 to 2020..many vanity, some cosmo, glamour, elle, amica, grazia, gq, max 2005 2007 and many other). Any one (especially italians) interested on my collection? In pictures just some […]