Sep 272020
Elle September issue

Oh god, I cant wait until it drops down in my local shop.  When I first saw this issue on I got so aroused. My penis stood erected immediately. Cardi B in her best move, Her long black nails just screamed to me that I have to ejaculate on her.  I so fucking love […]

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Sep 202020
Hello - Goodbye ?

Have you guys see/heard about that sad news? Hello magazine, one of the best seller in UK, is changing format and quality… What is happening…?? It is so sad, I don’t feel I want to buy it again now… Or maybe rarely. Also, anyone here from Australia ? I heard that because of Covid, […]

Sep 172020
Anyone like retro ?

These are Cosmos I recently seen on Ebay and quite cheap. I had to get them. Has anyone bought magazine from they’re childhood teens. I’ve did this a few times .Also the Samasara perfume and. I find this instant erection stuff. For me this is when Cosmo covers were the best. Though in those cause […]

Sep 162020
My Rakuten store

Hi everyone, just to let you know that I am having space issue in my flat, so me and my wife decided to sell some of our magazines. You can check the store on Rakuten : am concious that some of the prices are high, it is because we are very attached to it […]