Dec 052019

Why this forum is created? Why we are here? Why this community try to search and post magazine related pictures? Are we interested in magazines? Are we interested in magazine fetish? Are we gays? Are we interested in penis?   I don’t know why u are here guys. I am a hetero guy who love […]

Dec 022019
Anyone like or tried Porter?

Do you ever scour pages of magazines for sale on eBay? Then succumb to buying one you keep thinking about? I did, I love the fact some woman(hopefully!) has gone to the bother of packaging and paying this just for me! I’m into Natalie Portman just now trying to put together a collection of her. […]

Nov 222019
New Mags

Tonight im going to have some good time with my new magazines. I love Tatler, it is soo heavy and glossy. And Meghan gets me going wild. I might cum on her tonight. The new IN is a stunner! A Gorgeous cover and I like the elegant Vicktoria with that make-up.      

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