Dec 012020
New members

hi everyone, I’m a new member. I love fashion magazines and women’s magazines. my fetish started at 14 when by chance seeing my mother’s magazines (glamor and marie claire) I got very excited. so one day I secretly took the glamor and started browsing it. shiny smooth pages, a magazine full of pictures of models […]

Nov 282020
New Kicks magazines. Erection warnings!

Here is some pictures of my newest Kicks Magazines. Im totally in love with this magazine. It has EVERYTHING I need. Good close-up face pics to cum on. Great make-up girls that is not just “mainstream models”.  A lot of feminine ads that will erect my penis to a rock solid stick. And if youre […]

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Nov 192020
Nude in Freundin

There are many pages in Freundin – mostly in older issues – where not just lingerie girls are, but totally naked. I share some of this beauty with you. I was always wondering why these pictures are in a magazine for women. 🙂 I think they are mostly for the husbands/boyfriends of the readers. Unfortunately […]

Nov 172020
Watch Lindsay read!

Hey guys! Piggybacking on the post below about videos of women reading magazines. I mentioned in the comments that I have been doing various videos for you gentlemen from here. And you have been keeping me busy! UPDATE: I have added a couple of videos into my media tab. Also! If you are definitely interested, […]