The March of Progress (I guess…)

I know we’re at the brink of the death of Big Print… I know that the marketplace has changed and that new consumers are more cheaply and effectively reached through digital advertising. I know that fashion magazines, at their heart, were an advertising vector and were always at the whim of ad sales… but. I […]

Some of my Laha classic magazine collection

“Pleasure time” or entertainment

Hello, magazine friends. Do any of you use any interesting ways to satisfy your “magazine” needs? Well, you know, do you somehow prepare for your pleasures? Of course, anything can happen, but for me this is a special moment, which I approach very responsibly, as if I were preparing for a date. When returning after […]

masturbating with magazine


I’m new here. To be honest, I did not expect to find such a site on the Internet. It’s nice to know that you are not alone in your fetishistic tendencies. I’m glad. A little about myself: I realized my craving for magazines when I was at school. Then I thought “what beautiful books, the […]

What is happening?

Its been a few months now, and this place has been stuck in this very basic state. What is the plan currently?

My gossip mags

Cumdumps post made me all hot under the collar so I got a few of my gossip mags out ready for a good time 🥵💦

Gossip Magazines ❤️

Gossip magazines have always been my favorite. they sparked my fetish and i’ve never looked back. It started when I started being a sissy. i was looking for more feminine activities to do in my free time, and ended up going to the store. i saw quite a few women indulging in them during checkouts, […]