Nov 102019
Cover or Spread?

Its a constant battle when I jerk off. Are the covers hotter, or is the spread hotter? Im always trying to figure that out. Magazine closed and cover showing, I love holding multiple issues and getting the feeling of it all as I jerk off. They are easy to toss around and smell with little […]

Nov 032019

As the headline is my my question to you all, if you ever have lived out some of your fantasis? I am one of those who have, And I can only confirm how wonder full it is 🙂 The hardest thing for me was to tell my wife about it, but once it was told […]

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Oct 202019
My collection

First and foremost I feel like I need to address do to a specific post earlier this week, I’ve been collecting magazines for a very very long time since I was young so if you spot a teen magazine somewhere in my collection then it’s from when I was 10 or before I turned 18 […]