Nov 032019

As the headline is my my question to you all, if you ever have lived out some of your fantasis? I am one of those who have, And I can only confirm how wonder full it is 🙂 The hardest thing for me was to tell my wife about it, but once it was told […]

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Oct 202019
My collection

First and foremost I feel like I need to address do to a specific post earlier this week, I’ve been collecting magazines for a very very long time since I was young so if you spot a teen magazine somewhere in my collection then it’s from when I was 10 or before I turned 18 […]

Oct 182019

Hi, I’ve been apart of magazine fetish for a while now but, I haven’t really introduced myself. You can just refer to me as mag lover. Here is my story: I’ve loved magazines since I was about 12 years old. I used to steal my mom’s fashion magazines and secretly jerk off to them in […]

Oct 102019

new link for the GLOSSY MAGAZINE FETICH GROUP! the group contains: magazine category, for all glossy lovers, both for SFW AND NSFW content, so you choose uself! there is a bdsm category for all bdsm lovers, theres both sfw and nsfw there too. i think alot, if not all of us are sissy’s so OF […]

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Oct 092019
ice cream and Becky G

Even tho we sometimes fuck magazines, the sex articles and fashion models are irresistible, plus this is a great way to practice Spanish😉 But if anyone has any ideas for what else I could’ve done with the ice cream and magazine sexually