Nov 012016

Plenty of posts about the big monthly glossies but what about the weekly magazines? Currently HELLO magazine the best for glossiness in the UK with the same sized OK magazine second but some others like WOMAN and WOMANS OWN sometimes have a good cover for target practice too!

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Oct 232016

Really happy to have discovered this site. Ive been a massive lover of womens magazines for nearly 40 years and have a massive collection of girls, teen, womens and glossy monthly mags. Im based in the uk and hoping to find others nearby to share my fetish…..

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Oct 182016

I am a boy at 15 soon and i LOVE glossy magazines. I steal my mom’s, but I think she have unsubscribed from the magazines. How do i get glossy magazines easy without going out to the shop and buying? (I found a site where i could get 2 free version of a very sexy […]

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Sep 152016

I like to repeat to all of you that i would like to join with skype or whatever media to play together I have a lot of mags and I am very horny to play together !! My skype name ftorfs and I am on CET – brussels time  

Jul 242016
No The House Is Not On Fire !

Hi all. When was young maybe ten or so. I use to remove my mother’s old fashion magazines from the garbage. I would clean them off the best I could and save them. Nothing wrong with that, they were in the trash anyway. One night when the family was asleep, I took all my fashion […]