Aug 212019

Prior to now, you almost certainly thought that everyone was possibly delivered with football abilities or they weren’t. This basically isn’t the facts. Some investigation can help anyone boost their football skills. This information will explain to you how. Communicating is very important once you fiddle with a crew. You must reveal to other individuals […]

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Aug 202019
Pink Power

Sometimes you spot a nice cover of a magazine that you just need immediately to have to play with. This happened to me some time ago when I saw the cover of  Greek Madame Figaro in a newsstand. The lady at the counter was nice and told that that’s her favorite magazine but there are […]

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Aug 172019
I just wanted to showcase my collection and my story

This is my current colection (Sorry for not being able to upload the image to the server) . I love thick fashion magazines. I always keep rotating it. Sadly I have been force to throw my collection out too many times and I also recently bought a bulk of them used. One of my favorites […]

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Aug 132019

MIDNIGHT AMTRAK FASHION MAGAZINE ENCOUNTER In the mid eighties, I had cause to use the northeastern Amtrak corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston at least twice a month. Half the time I was able to decide when I wanted to leave and always would try to take the overnighter back to Boston or Connecticut or […]

Aug 132019

hey folks. yesterday I bought the actual issue 09/2019 of german vogue. this morning I don’t wanted to destroy it directly, so I just wanked a bit wih condom in it.

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Aug 062019

This month, I saw that Cosmo started to sell a low quality version of the magazine for 1 euro…the paper quality is very low and it just feels like carton…I bet this is the next test balloon and they are checking the market if people accept the bad quality to save some money. And I […]

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Aug 062019

Coping with Heating and air conditioning trouble might be a distressing circumstance for anybody who is unfamiliar with the best ways to identify respected, qualified companies. What is important a homeowner can do is usually to instruct themselves carefully in the approach prior to any needs arise. The content beneath may help everybody do exactly […]

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