Sep 122021

hi always bought porn mags fiesta escort mags but since I can’t buy them new off the shelf I have started buying second hand fashion mags ie vogue and now the very sexy thick love magazine

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First time

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Sep 082021

Hello all my fellow mag-friends 🙂 Does any of you remember the very first time you bought your first womans magazine ? where and when aand where you hid it in your home. My first was in 1996 i noticed a woman in the train who was reading the new Alt for damerne (All for […]

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Aug 292021
Inside shots of my new magazine

I’ve seen (just as a few of you wrote in my earlier post) hotter front covers. But this cover was the second best one (according to me) that Damernas Värld have had since the first issue of 2021 (see the last picture). However the inside was in my opinion fairly good. The smell is something […]

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Aug 172021
Can we give her som love?

I really love this girl!, she is making more and more Magazine videos. In her latest, she asked, If she should do more of them? Thought we all could give her some likes and maybe a comment.