Check out my new video!

im on and I  will be posting there more content. Here’s my newest video hope you enjoy 😉


new link for the GLOSSY MAGAZINE FETICH GROUP! the group contains: magazine category, for all glossy lovers, both for SFW AND NSFW content, so you choose uself! there is a bdsm category for all bdsm lovers, theres both sfw and nsfw there too. i think alot, if not all of us are sissy’s so OF […]

OMG a instagram profile with magazine fetish content!

Hi guys, look what i found:   Looks like a instagram profile that the models send magazine fetish pics.. They are publishing excellent material!   Hope you enjoy   see you soon

Reading by the Swimming Pool

To encourage you for the new week, and to make you wait for summer time ! (unfortunately, we won’t see it often, as everything is digital nowadays…)  

Some interesting links

Hey to all. It was a pleasure for me when I found this site on the internet. I’m always on the search to find my magazinefetish. 🙂 this is my first post, but I want to show you some good links. Hopefully it works. Watch to the end. They will read some glossy.   […]