Mar 112019

So i’m not sure if i’m allowed to post this, but i want to promote my instagram and twitter accounts. I post magazine related videos and images, aswell as updates and other things. Hopefully you wanna check it out (I think you’ll like it 😉 ).

Also i recently posted this on there and wanted to do the same here 🙂




20190311_201938 20190311_201958 20190311_202021


  5 Responses to “Cumming on magazines”

  1. very hot. thanks!!!

  2. What magazine is this?

  3. Wow. Nice pic, great choice. Very hot. Love how you’ve closed the mag briefly after you’ve spunked, opened it, and taken another pic. Thanks for the links as well.

  4. So fucking hot! I sent you a follow request on Instagram. I have a blank profile, that I just set up for this. The screen name is magazinefetishist.

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