Any of you members have your spouse involved with this fetish?  My spouse gets involved but not as much as I’d like and I don’t want to push her. a lot of the time I like the fetish for myself.  What’s everyone else’s story on this?

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  1. I wish! My wife knows that I masturbate with women’s magazines, and is ok with it, but I don’t think she’d ever be into giving me a handjob onto one of my (or her) magazines, unfortunately. Last weekend we were doing some cleaning up around the house, and she came across my stack of magazines that I’ve been keeping in the living room for the past couple months so I can access them more easily when I want to masturbate to them. There’s a mix of men’s mags like The sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, playboy, and Maxim, but it was mostly made up of Women’s mags like Cosmo, Vogue, Allure, etc. She was looking through my collection, and asked “do you want to put your lady magazines away?” I got so hard hearing her refer to them as “my lady magazines”.

  2. Wish my Mrs would understand 🙁 like be to fuck on a bed covered in mags with her but she doesn’t want to. I’d love to get a fella to wrap me up in glossy pages and fuck me mmmm

  3. I can get my girl to get out 5-6 mags like Cosmo or vogue and lay them on top of her while I fuck her, it don’t happen like this often maybe few times a year. She will also wear long leather gloves “another fetish of mine”, while she flips through the magazine while I fuck her on top, magazines will be on her stomach and chest while I’m on top and a couple magazines by our faces, she’ll rub them over her face,chest,my face/ kiss them, rub them on my hard cock. It’s very hot with her long black leather gloves and magazines. But she don’t know about my mags I have for myself.

  4. With my girl we buy every magazine we like, that’s a big plus (Vogue, Instyle, Cosmo, Elle, Harper’s, etc.). Sometimes I buy the magazine for her or she buys them for me! Then, we read them together and play with ourselves. But I don’t cum over women pictures when she finish me, only to clothing, articles or make up. Love it!

    pd: sorry for my crappy english!

  5. I had a girfriend who let me stroke her “REDBOOK magazines and she sucked the base of my cock and worked her way up until she blew me to orgasm…It happened at every love making session!!!

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