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  1. Amazing gorgeous glossy magazines, I want to cover myself in them ! I wish U.K. cosmopolitan was all glossy, but they have changed the pages to a more papery book like magazine

      1. Does it ruin the cover when you have cum on it or does it just wipe off, as I have lots of gorgeous glossies I want to cum on but don’t want to ruin as I only have one issue xx

        1. If it’s a glossy from newsstands no, subscription version you could cum on it and won’t really affect it but you can only really do it a couple of times before it does ruin it

          1. Ok thanks , are subscription covers thicker than newsstand ones ? as I need to cum on them badly !

          2. Subscription versions are typically lower quality than newsstand editions. I cum on my magazine covers all the time, and I lick up every load. My covers all look great for every mag I’ve ever blown a load on.

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