As we’ve all grief about our magazine covers in the last year or so I was about to buy UK Cosmo December. It looked hot nice girl sparkling silver dress. Then to my horror a dog is in the arms of the hot chick, why? Why do magazines do this shit? I remember a few years back Cosmo did this with kelly Osbourne . You couldn’t telll who was the dog.

Bazaar last month did the cover with a baby ffs! Last year I’m sure I remember one with a Fox?? Who wants to play with such magazines? Last months vogue the beckham kids? Not liking when they did a woman /man combo either.

just wrong on all levels.

Anyone put off by covers in involving more than just a woman. ??

The Christmas editions are looking poor already. Good Housekeeping and Woman & Jome have got kids and trees.

Its gonna be a lonely festive season. 😢😩😤

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  1. I actually like that cover!
    I really dont think you can wrong with Olivia Munn. She absolutely gorgeous. From a cover mode, I honestly just want to see it exude feminity, and that image still has a lot of it!

    But I completely understand! I cant stand seeing kids on the cover. For fairly obvious reasons. I just dont end up buying covers with families on them.

  2. These magazines aren’t marketed toward us, and are not intended to be jerked off to. We’re lucky any of them are as sexy as they are considering they’re intended for women and not men. If you don’t like the magazine, don’t buy it.

    1. Im with you. I never buy a magazine that doesnt turns me on, That is my biggest fear when I lived alone and subscibed , I was forced to throw that magazine away if I found it useless, As you said, The magazine is not made for our kind of usage.

      1. I’m not so sure on that. At times when I’ve had an afternoon on having magazines spread all over myself I’ve thought photos defo aimed at men to enjoy and editorial for the woman. Especially when you see magazines on eBay a good 5/6 years plus in ‘ mint condition or read once’ . I could never resell a magazine after 5 weeks never mind years. ☺️

  3. I couldn’t agree more , glossy fashion magazines should only have women on the covers no men, no babies or children, no animals just gorgeous girls with nice hair and make up x

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