Dec 122018

Staying at a hotel for a couple of nights , so had to indulge in some magazines old and new !16C371FA-60C1-4FDB-9456-BB73FF53E10F BE26E98A-3002-49A1-9BA2-9F8E0799606D E26D551F-D53B-442B-8141-501AACA0F687 5A248B55-13A6-4351-A6DC-B7FD617F6FDC 2E0A3AD8-656E-4782-9B42-0A2730BE7F69 ADA30037-8BB2-4CA1-8E8D-B7F6E90BF871 34CE9DCB-A75F-4DBD-885F-664C64904650 B77432C3-529A-4652-B8CA-761F28305199

  7 Responses to “A hotel room and some glossies = hot fun !”

  1. Is the Paris Vogue worth getting?

  2. Between that huge dildo and stack of sexy fashion mags, I’d say you’re in for a very hot night! One of the times I traveled for business, I brought my butt plug and a couple of my favorite fashion mags so I could have some hot hotel fun like this. It was a really good time!

  3. That’s a very hot spread. Love how in one of the photos you have all the different types of publications grouped together

  4. Love to be there.. Roll around a litlle..

  5. That had to be some heavy luggage. I do the same thing on business trips.

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