Hey MF! Does Admin or anyone know how to access the Media Library? (Screen shot of what I see attached) I can get to it but can’t save the photos unless I select al the ones I want to save, create a post then save them all (then delete that post) but this takes ages! Any ideas? I’m on a mobile, iPhone 6 if this helps?


Many Thanks! X


P.S I have a lovely story to write and share with everyone and it involves these Ariana Grande Vogue Magazines! I will publish it sometime tomorrow! 📖



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  1. Hi Jessie,

    Basically, if I understand well, you want to save the pictures from the library to your phone ?

    I don’t find such a feature. Except the technic you mention… Which is long, true.

    I’m not sure 100% if there is absolutely no other way, but as I know, I don’t think so. I anyone else have an idea, please write in comment.

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