I love to look at the fashion magazines. Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmo, and the others. My main 3, would have to be ELLE, Vogue and Bazaar I guess.. I don’t just masturbate to these mages, I um actually lay my cock on them and fuck them at times.

Other times I will have my meat in a page or 2 pulled from the fashion mag having it wrapped around my cock and taped so it doesn’t unwind while I am on my knees at the couch so I can put it between the cushion s and fuck the mag while I read it.

A favorite scenario of mine is the one that happened to me. I was 17, cleaning doctors offices, business firms and the like, places with waiting rooms. I was working one summer for a business that did the cleaning of these places. I was paid under the table and it was ok then. Anyway I had been going to these places to clean on my own every night.

There was this office building that ?I did that was a gynecologists office and of course, when you cater to women in a waiting room for a gyno, you are going to have a lot of women’s mag. I had been scoping the mages for several weeks. Of course “Id taken some home and done the deal to them. I wanted to try something more daring. I cleaned here at about 930 each night. The place was in the business district of a large eastern city and it gets pretty dead at 8pm on a weeknight.

The office was on a 2nd floor of a 19 story hi-rise, I was cleaning one night and took special pains to do a good job at the desk of …we’ll call her molly, a tall brunette with  a outward expression of I am a bookworm, a lady and a man hater. I had seen her once or twice when I had gone there to pick of the money for our services. Any way one night, rainy and cold and s slushy. I decided all those glamour and bazaar mags in the waiting room would receive my attention.

Armed with my towel and oil I managed to make a makeshift cot with a loveseat and a large plushy chair. I began to look over the mages experiencing delight over which one I would be masturbating   to. I had my pants and shirt off only in my briefs. I had laid a bazaar on the receiving counter and was slowly sliding the pages of it, a golden ensemble on the model editorial. It glistened with my pre-cum and the baby oil.

I didn’t hear it but someone had come in to the office it was this woman, Molly and a male friend. (here I guess she was going to fuck this guy in the deserted office) I was asked just what was I doing. I told her getting off to the fashion magazine..
She looked art my subsiding cock and asked if I was there with anyone. I said no and she proceeded to walk over to me and grab my arms behind me, I protested to no avail as she mentioned I was already on the security tape which was under her responsibilities and that it could be fixed if I fucked some magazines for her as she took photos.

I was flabbergasted and then she also mentioned that she was going to use a dildo   to fuck me as I fucked the magazine.

This I didn’t really like the idea however she pressed her clout as I could see this woman ruining my life if I didn t do as she wanted.

So she then asked me to lay on a gurney with my legs in the stirrup’s as she went over to her desk and pulled her stack of Cosmo’s out of a drawer .

She told me as she lubed me with what I would say was some kind of gyno lube and then began to massage my naked body with the magazines, covers onto me.

Molly was still dressed and had only taken her blazer off.. She now unzipped her pants and stepped out of them and then placed a dildo harness onto her limber frame. She also said not  to get my hopes up as although I would come, I would never fuck her.

she would wrap the mag page of the editorial around my cock and lift up and down as she leafed thorough it..  Molly, now sensing my fear looked at me and said, it’s going to go this way.

She told me that a lovely lady boy like me who strokes to fashion magazine should get fucked like the women the mags were meant for. molly says she will push harder if I don’t submit, I did and began to take her twisting different magazines over and around my cock. She told me, here is a vogue, Linda Evangelista is on the cover and I am going to let you fuck her at this she would pump the dildo into me more and massage my cock with the magazine.

Molly began to pump me she lubed my cock and sore asshole for the stretch run with her fav magazine, ELLE, she slid that cover of the Elle on my cock at least 1000 times, she grabbed the base of my cock hard and tight while she took a vogue magazine with Giselle on the cover and  encircled it on the head of my cock never letting me come, each time  she did this it hurt the last time she did this with a glamour cover ripped off the magazine, she wrapped my cock in the cover like a package and rifled my member , I exploded in the glamour cover.  it hurt it was pleasurable it was weird and it was great.

I laid there as she laughed took pictures and called me a pervert. she said that she had to leave but would not want any of this to get out as it would be my job and reputation, well I would be unveiled as a fashion magazine fucking nut.

I  wanted some thing I had told her and she looked at me and threatened me, but I was surprised. she said, oh don’t worry you little prissy just want my panties and some of my cosmos. She laughed and actually gave me a box with this stuff it is. 14 cosmopolitan magazines to fuck away on, wow.

She was true to her word  as I was to mine, She was fired when she tried to bribe her boss for a raise with a blowjob and it backfired. Now all I do when I go there is fuck the ELLEs and the Vogues and the Glamours and have the harpers bazaar to rest on my balls as I exploded into a glamour magazine. It’s still a treasure trove of fashion magazines.

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