“Am I the only one?” That is the question I guess we all asked ourselvs when we accepted we had a fetish for womens magazines. How often have we leafed throgh the glossy pages of our mum or wifes magazines in deep secret and had the thought “I am the only one in the whole world!” But I never forgot the feeling when i on the big world wide web discovered I was not alone! There were others. And the greatest joy was to communicate with people, mostly men but that dosn’t matter because they all undersod me and how i/they were feeling.

I love this community! It has given me the believe that it is ok, and did I never felt alone again 🙂


What does the rest of you feel/felt when you discovered there were many like yourself who like womens magazines?


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  1. You are definitely not the only one. In my case I was six when I discovered a very strong attraction to a magazine bought by my sister. It only became stronger with the time and as soon as I started having money of my own I started buying French, and German magazine instead of stealing local ones. Living in Belgium we have a big advantage of having all Eurpean and U.S. editions of all well known mags.

    My all time favourites were Amica,Grazia,Giao, (It) but also She(U.K.) Hello, Good Housekeeping, and especially Hola (Spanish) I still love buying the Hola & Hello the rest disappeared.

    I like wearing them under my clothes using straps or tapes, the go out shopping buying more and coming home to have more fun – lying down fucking on it. Still like to date somebuddy with the same kicks…

  2. Always great to know we arent alone in something like this, something that is so good about the Internet as how else would you have found others into things like this or even brought up the conversation? Not really something you can slip in while talking about hobbies is it!
    To be honest though, im surprised that there aren’t more of us

      1. Not even joking, I bet there’s literally several million who have “enjoyed” a fashion/women’s magazine for reasons that they weren’t originally intended for.

  3. First of all, let me say “Hi” to you all here. First time posting, but not first time in “the community” – I’ve seen A LOT of you on “The Experience Project” when it was the ONLY place that had the balls to host our particular kink….

    Anyway, back to the question…

    I’d searched for a while. I really did used to think it was ONLY me. I mean, it’s fucking weird right? Imagine being more attracted to some of the world’s most acknowledgedly beautiful women, dressed in fabulous clothes, in photoshoots that costs tens of thousands of (in my case) pounds, dollars, Deutschmarks, Francs, or whatever pre-Euro currency we used when this became important in our lives, instead of some rank amphetamine addicted skank in your national grot mag.

    My parents HATED porn. To them, it was one of the most evil things on the planet, just below Marijuana 😉

    Needless to say, I rebelled. They lost the weed battle, because I was a total cunt when I’d been drinking with my mates, but if I’d been on a bong session, I’d clean the house from top to bottom and cook some AMAZING food. I still do when I’ve had a smoke 😉

    Anyway, despite the absolute “NO PORN” attitude in my home, my mum used to buy Elle, my aunt used to send her used Vogue and Marie Claire, and my then GF used to buy “Company” “More!” and “!9”.

    I’ve been surrounded by these beautiful, soft, glossy magazines for as long as I can remember. Notable moments are: TV Times in about 1991 – I was 8 years old – and they had a cover that was solely lipstick prints from some dance or pop band – no idea who. Even then, that DID something to me, I knew I thought it was beautiful, but had no idea of sex.

    In the interim years, I wanked off to many of the magazines listed above. I never even considered buying them – I mean, they were for girls, right?

    So, we get to early 1990. I’m working on a clay sculpture in the art block of my school. I’m looking for inspiration, and find a copy of the October 1989 Edition of British Vogue. Google it. It’s got Claudia Schiffer looking FUCKING FANTASTIC on the cover, and has Claudia, Cindy, Linda, Gail, and (my personal favourite until this very day, Elaine Mellencamp wearing a white Ralph Lauren sweater with the Stars And Stripes) with other incredible models.

    That’s when it got me. That is utterly 100% when I was hooked. It’s also probably the point I felt most alone.
    I was an early adopter of “the internet” – thanks to needing a very powerful computer (at the time) for my then GF’s doctorate course in materials engineering (it worked, she’s now one of the most respected female metallurgists in the world!)

    So, there I am, horny as Fuck whenever I see a beautiful magazine. Being mid 90’s was horrendous – I dunno what it was like where you are, but suddenly even more gorgeous magazines arrived – suddenly I had “B”, “Minx”, “Shine” and “Red” to choose from.

    Shit went to shovel…. Laura and I eventually drifted apart (read: she cheated). So, I emptied our flat, and ended up taking approx 1000 magazines home.
    Well, shit didn’t improve. Since then I’ve kept collecting.
    My Current estimate is that I have about 5500 magazines. If I made a magazine pile, it would be significantly over 170 foot tall.

    Bless Y’all – I’m reluctant to post, but I think I know you folks

    1. I should also add, for you non-Germans out there – of all the people I’ve contacted around the world to buy magazines from, the German women are the most helpful I’ve ever met. I have actually made some friends, who collect their magazines over the course of a few months, then send them to me in bulk – Maxi was so hard to find that I ended up buying my friend Kersten a subscription so she can collect and send them!

    2. That is a huge collection! Wow! There are many I’d like to add to my collection that I just know I will never find unless put an ad in a local paper or something. Ugh, then I’d have to touch a newspaper *shudder*.

      1. Ebay isn’t the best – Look for more “local” sites, like Kleinanzeigen, Marktplatz, Willhaben, Todocollection etc. Often people with a real bulk of magazines decide to sell locally, bt I’ve found if you ask nicely and can work out a payment method, people from all across the world will send you their collections. Google Translate is your friend!

  4. Oh yes I am one of many it would seem, I especially love the various aroma’s from the gorgeous glossy pages of different women’s magazines also those perfume sample pages really arouse me.

  5. I used to think the same. But you know. Yes as long as it is or we are weird. There are people who are far worse or more weird. . WE keep it discreet. as in on here. Or in our private dwellings. End of the day. it is nothing more weird than someone using a vibrator or going dogging in public!!?? people wanting to do lots of sort of stuff. Do we go about being a total creep? I don’t. Do we prey on minors or vulnerable? Defo not me. I hope nobody on hear does or would be suggestive of it EVER!!

    Even on TV, Naked attraction??, SEX BOX, ?? guys that want to go on TV talking about their sex dolls? WTF is wrong with these nutters. Keep it in house.
    Good group we have here.

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